How to Operate UNM Lobo Trax

The Lobo Trax system provided by the University of New Mexico for it's students is a valuable self-advisement tool that allows students to determine which classes are needed for their academic progression.In addition, it allows curious students to see how their earned credits would transfer over if they were to switch to a different major. The purpose of this tutorial is to provide an introduction to the operation of the Lobo Trax system.


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    Type in in your browser bar and log in using your credentials.
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    Click on the "student life" tab, and then click on "enter lobo web".
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    Click on registration and records.
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    Click on "Submit or View Lobo Trax Degree Audits".
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    If you have not previously submitted an audit, click on "submit audit".
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    From here on out, this article will focus on using Lobo Trax as an advisement tool. On the next screen, simply click on run audit. Your audit will be viewable in at maximum 5 minutes.
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    Click on view audits, and then click on the hyperlink for your audit.
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    Once you are viewing your audit, the pie and bar diagrams are links that will reveal your progress towards your degree as well as provide you with what courses you still need to take in order to graduate.

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