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The Segway is a fun and interesting two-wheel electric motorized vehicle designed for short- to medium-range distances at slow speeds (10 mph (16 km/h) max). Many are used for law enforcement, replacing the traditional horse or bike. However, there has been a growing number of recreational users as the popularity increases and prices become more attractive.


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    Make sure your Segway is fully charged by monitoring the battery indicator on the LCD panel. Ensure that the kickstand is fully functioning and holding the Segway upright.
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    Turn the Segway on by quickly hitting the “on/off” button. There are two modes to choose from, “turtle” and “normal”. For beginners, it is highly suggested that you use the “turtle” mode.
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    Hold the Segway upright and place one foot on the foot platform, but do not get on the device. Several red lights will rotate as the internal gyroscope is calibrating. Once this is complete a beep will go off while the red lights will turn green.
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    Hold the Segway upright while releasing the kickstand. Gently get on the Segway by placing both feet on the foot platform.
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    Slowly lean forward and let the Segway do the work for you.
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    To turn, just lean in the direction you want to turn. The Segway will "feel" where you want to go. Even though the newer versions have enough power to go off-road and over hilly terrain, you should respect its limitations, and your own.
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    Once finished, stop the Segway and gently step off the device. Turn off the machine by holding the “on/off” button for about 3 seconds. Put the kickstand upright and ensure that the Segway safely stands upright.


  • Do not lean off to the side or you will fall


  • Do not get onto the Segway until instructed to do so!

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