How to Open a Rusty Bolt

How frustrating it can be when a bolt has rusted and won't move. This article provides a really quick fix.


  1. Image titled Fizzy drink Step 1
    Obtain some fizzy drink. Any sort of soft drink/soda/beer should work fine.
  2. Image titled Pour Step 2 1
    Pour the fizzy drink over the bolt.
  3. Image titled Wipe Step 3 1
    Wipe it clean with kitchen towel.
  4. Image titled Unscrew Step 4
    Unscrew the bolt. The fizzy drink should have dissolved the rust build-up causing the bolt to stick. This doesn't de-rust the entire bolt but it does loosen the bolt so that you can unscrew it.
  5. Image titled Repleace Step 5
    Replace the rusty bolt. If your bolt is very rusted and old, it's time for a trip to the hardware store to buy a new one.


  • While WD-40 will probably do the job also, this method is more environmentally-friendly and kind to your health*. Besides which, you can quench your thirst with the remaining drink!

Things You'll Need

  • rusty bolt that needs undoing
  • Fizzy soda or soft drink
  • Kitchen paper towel
  • Screwdriver
  • New bolt

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