How to Open a Letter Secretively

Like everyone else, you wait for your mail in the post, and you open, read and reply to it promptly. But every now and then, you might want to keep what you receive secret, and you might want to open it quietly so you don't give it away. How do you go about doing this?


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    Analyse why it has to be secret. Don't be paranoid about what you get from the post. Ask yourself: 'Do I really have to keep this secret?' For the most part, keeping a secret creates more trouble than it's worth.
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    Go to a quiet room, preferably your own. Lock the door, and make sure no one will barge in, so that nervous tension won't get on your nerves.
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    Find a good place to hide the letter, if you must. Think of places that aren't obvious, but are easy to get to if you ever to need to get to the mail quickly.
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    Stand by that place, and quickly tear the back part of the envelope. Carefully use your finger, and let it get under the sealing fold and just tear the paper. The suspense is over with, and you're done.
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    Read the letter at a good pace. Don't speed-read through it. Then you won't understand anything. Instead, read it at just the right pace so you comprehend it, but also so you don't waste valuable time.
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    Hide it. Put the letter in its special hiding place, so you can get back to it whenever you need to.


  • For best results, get the letter in question as soon as it arrives.
    • If it's going to be delivered directly at your home, wait until the postal worker arrives, and pick it up as soon as they leave. Hide the letter on your person in a less-than-obvious place (like a jacket pocket on the inside of the jacket) away from any neighbours.
    • If you pick up your letters at the post office, do the same thing as you would at home, and pick it up yourself.
  • A possible source of anxiety is anything that might create an unexpected sound, like a phone. To prevent this, either disconnect them or have one with you, so you know who's calling, what's going off, etc.
  • Always close the window blinds, particularly if you have a nosy neighbour. Do so a few minutes before you open the letter, so they won't be as suspicious.
  • The more busy others are in the house, the better. This works best when you're home alone. (Obviously.)
    • If others in your home are really busy, try to ensure that they won't need you or access to your room before you open the letter.
  • If you do this on a regular basis, you might want to get a letter-opener.
  • Don't be afraid to seek help if you think that you might be dealing with anxiety or paranoia. What you get from the postal worker shouldn't be a source of concern, and only be secretive if you have to be. (Safety, privacy, etc.)


  • Do not use this method to hide illegal objects.
  • If you're under-age and living with your parents, either refuse to deal with the letter or be very careful with where you hide it.

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