How to Open a Beer Bottle with a Dollar Bill

Two Methods:Folding the DollarOpening the Bottle with the Proper Technique

You open a bottle with many objects you wouldn't expect, including the dollar bill in your pocket. Once perfected, this trick will impress your friends. It can also help you win bets like "If I can open my beer using only your $20 bill, can I get to keep it?"

Method 1
Folding the Dollar

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    Fold the dollar bill in half. Make a hamburger fold, or a horizontal fold to the bill. Avoid using a large bill in case you damage the bill while you practice. Remove any creases in the bill before folding.[1]
    • It helps if the dollar bill is new and crisp.
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    Roll up the dollar bill tightly. Lay the folded dollar bill flat on a surface. From one end of the bill begin folding the bill towards the other end. You can either roll the bill or create several tiny folds. Spend some time getting the folds as tight as you can.
    • Use the surface top to create pressure in the folds. The surface will help you hold the tightness of the fold.
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    Create the opener. Bend the rolled dollar bill in half to maximize the pressure at the bend. You can fold the bill one more time to create a grip for the bottle that is secure.[2] The second fold is optional and you can still open the bottle with the first fold.

Method 2
Opening the Bottle with the Proper Technique

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    Grip the bottle with your hand. Make sure the neck of the bottle is dry before gripping. Hold the neck of the bottle in one hand. It helps if your use your less dominate hand to hold the bottle. For example, if you are right-handed, hold the bottle with your left hand.[3]
    • You want to preserve your dominate hand to maneuver the opener.
    • Position the thumb that’s holding the bottle against the cap to create pressure for the bill.
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    Find the right grip of the bill. Put folded bill on top of your bent index finger. Hold it tightly in place with your thumb, with the bent part sticking out. Make sure you have a firm hold of the dollar bill.
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    Open the bottle with the folded dollar. Make sure your grip is firm before you bring the dollar to the lip of the bottle. Position the dollar in between the cap and the lip of the bottle. Use the dollar as a lever in between your index finger and the cap. Apply pressure upwards with the hand holding the dollar.
    • Continue applying pressure until it pops off.[4]
    • Practice at home before making any wagers at a bar.


  • First learn to do this with another piece of paper, then you'll understand how to use a dollar bill. It's all about using the object as a lever.
  • It helps if you use the hand you're holding the bottle with to get leverage by using it as a fulcrum.
  • It takes a lot of practice and reasonable arm strength to perform this trick.


  • Take care you don't rake your fingers across the edge of the bottle cap. The cap is sharp.
  • It is quite possible to destroy a bill in this manner. You might not want to practice this if you don't want to lose the bill.

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