How to Oil a Saddle

Want to have a saddle you use 4 times a week that still shows few signs of wear? Here is how to oil your saddle.


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    Go to the nearest supermarket and get the cheapest olive oil you can find. You'll want the cheap kind. It'll work just as well as any other.
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    To start out, get only one or two bottles, quart-sized. A saddle takes around a quart and a half initially.
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    Make sure you're saddle is COMPLETELY CLEAN, so get a clean, soft paintbrush. A three-inch-wide brush that's not thick will be great, so you can cover the flaps and seat quickly, but still get into the creases and folds.
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    Cover every inch, including the billets, gullet, and up under the stirrup bar. Reapply over and over until the absorption starts slowing down.
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    Wipe off excess. This should be good to start, but make sure to oil your saddle routinely to keep it soft. You could use more professional, specialty oil for this.


  • There is some debate about whether you can over-oil a saddle. Some say you can, some say you can't.


  • Use soft brushes and cloths.
  • Make sure to wash the brushes and cloths before and after you use them, and wash your saddle pads, too.

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