How to Offer the World What You Can

Have you ever wanted to help your community, your city, your world? But with all the information flowing around how do you know what to do? Maybe the whole thing is overwhelming. Here's a place to start. Pick what you care about, and check in your community for organizations or groups that can help you.


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    Find your passion. There are lots of ways to find what you care about. Are you particularly interested in the homeless sleeping out in the cold? Maybe the thought of a sea turtle choking on a plastic bag wrenches tears from your eyes. Maybe you're just good with kids, or want experience becoming so.
    • Children
    • Environment
    • Homelessness
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    • World hunger
    • Injustice to women
    • Whatever else you feel driven to improve
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    Decide. Pick one to begin with. You can extend yourself further and try more new things when you feel comfortable. But to start out, pick one main cause and think about ways to start small.
    • Volunteer to read to kids at a local library
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    • Go to a beach or park cleanup
    • Donate old clothes or canned foods to a homeless shelter
    • Help out with hospice or cancer patients
    • Help with a bake sale or other fundraiser (like a charity walk/run)
    • Tutor underprivileged children
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    Plan. Look for organizations and groups that will help you if you can't do it alone. For example, when you raise money for a hospital, an organization that specializes in distributing money to the hospital might help. Some places to look are:
    • Libraries
    • Hospitals
    • Shelters
    • Public conservatory
    • National parks
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    DO. DO what you want! Don't sit thinking for too long. Just DO what you can to help. Too many people wait for someone to give them an easy pass. DO it yourself! It will be fun and enriching on both ends. Use your talents and passions to improve your community.


  • A little goes a long way. What seems like just an hour of service starts a revolution of everyone chipping in
  • If you're nervous to go alone, join a group or ask a friend to help you. It might make the event more fun!
  • Remember that your time and effort are sometimes more valuable than money. Volunteer in person whenever possible.


  • Research organization thoroughly before giving them any money! Make sure most of the money is going to helping the cause, instead of "administration". Google its "report card". Companies are given report cards telling their contributors where the money is going ultimately, what all they've accomplished, who they work with, and so on. Look for non-profit organizations.
  • If you're a child, ask for a parents permission and/or ask them to go with you
  • Be careful! Follow all the safety regulations of whoever you're working with

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