How to Occupy Yourself on Christmas Eve in the Day

Come Christmas Eve, does the clock seem to have 500 hours? Do you never know what to do? Here is a guide to what you can do to pass the time on Christmas Eve.


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    The night before Christmas Eve (Dec. 23rd), get as little sleep as possible and get up early. This will make you tired and more likely to sleep on Christmas Eve night.
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    Take a very cold, very short, shower. Use lemon or other citrus scented products to wake you up.
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    Exercise. Run. See how many crunches, squats, or push ups you can do in 5 minutes. Put some music on and dance. Just get moving. This will also help you fall asleep later.
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    Study. If you have a lot of homework due after Christmas break, get it done! That way you can enjoy Christmas without it looming over you.
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    Watch a movie, one you enjoy, but not a Christmas movie! Try action adventure, thriller, horror, or comedy. If you can get into it and get your mind of Christmas, the time will seem to go faster.
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    Read an interesting book for a few hours. Pick up the latest novel by an author you love, or reread your favorite book. Some book suggestions are: The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent, Matched, The Selection, If I Stay, Paper Towns, basically anything popular will be fine.
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    If you have a hobby and are in an environment where you can do/perform that hobby, do it.
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    Play on a game console. There are lots of fun games for all ages and tastes, for any platform out there. It will also make time pass a lot faster if you are enjoying yourself.
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    Put on a talent show or play with and for family members or friends. The kids of the family could do a rendition of the Christmas Story for the adults after supper, or all demonstrate whatever talents they have. Planning, rehearsing, and performing will take a lot of time!
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    Pretend you are the sole creator of a magazine. Who will your audience be? What will your articles be about? Write the articles, design the cover and inserts. Dream up fake products to include advertisements for!
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    If you have trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve, try looking here, here, or here. You can also do a web search for "how to fall asleep on Christmas Eve." Follow the instructions of whatever one you think will help you the most for your evening.
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    If you don't have trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve, follow whatever evening routine you normally follow. This should be a time to spoil yourself a bit though. If you like baths, use the expensive bubble bath. Drink the good tea. Wear the comfy pajamas. Whatever little thing you can do to spoil yourself, do it!


  • If you do exercise, drink plenty of water.
  • Do at least try to sleep! It can be hard sometimes, but don't just give up and say you won't sleep. You'll be miserable on Christmas if you do!
  • Just before going to bed don't consume lots of food or drink
  • Make sure you get some sleep.


  • If you go for a walk or drive watch the news before hand so you know about snow, ice, or other bad weather conditions.

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