How to Obtain a Visa for Brazil

Two Parts:Learning What To ExpectPreparing and Submitting Your Application

If you are planning to visit Brazil in the future, you may need to acquire a visa. A visa is a document that shows you have permission from a country to visit or work there.[1] Make sure you start the application process well before your trip, as it may take some time to receive your visa.

Part 1
Learning What To Expect

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    Determine if you need a visa. Brazil requires that visitors from many other countries obtain a visa before they visit. However, there are countries that Brazil allows nationals to enter from without a visa. Research your country to learn if you need to apply for a visa.[2]
    • A full list of nationalities required to apply for a visa are available on-line, at the Brazilian consulates official website.
    • Countries that require Brazilian nationals file with them for a visa, are generally required to obtain a visa from Brazil when visiting.
    • Countries that do not require Brazilian nationals to file for a visa, will generally not require those nationals to obtain a visa when travelling to Brazil.
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    Learn which type of visa is right for you. There are a few types of visas that you can obtain, each determined by the purpose of your visit. Make sure you apply for the correct type of visa when submitting your information. The types of visa are:[3]
    • Tourist visas are ideal for any short trip that doesn't involve any business or financial compensations.
    • Business visas are intended to allow the individual to enter Brazil in order to sign documents, conduct audits, make purchases, or other activities related to their professional life.
    • Permanent visas may be sought out if you are planning on moving to Brazil permanently.
    • A temporary visa may be obtained if you are a student, performer, journalist or other similar roles.
    • If you are a diplomat or government official, you should apply for such a visa.
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    Understand the applicable fees. Filing for your visa will require you to pay certain fees. These fees are variable, based on the length of your stay, type of visa, and your nationality.[4]
    • Visa fees are payable only by USPS money order and should be made payable to consulate general of Brazil.
    • No other forms of payment are accepted.
    • You will pay the exact amount required and payments are non-refundable.
    • You can expect to pay the basic fee and a processing fee, for your nationality listing.
    • Current fees are set at the following rates:
      • Algeria: USD 60.00
      • Australia: USD 35.00
      • Angola: USD 100.00
      • Canada: USD 65.00
      • Japan: USD 25.00
      • Mexico: USD 30.00
      • Nigeria: USD 65.00
      • United Arab Emirates: USD 55.00
      • USA: USD 160.00
      • All other remaining countries: USD 20.00

Part 2
Preparing and Submitting Your Application

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    Prepare your documents. Filing for your visa, either in person or by visa service, will require you to produce certain documentation. These documents help prove and accurately represent your identity.[5]
    • You will need an application form. These can be found on-line, at the Brazilian consulate's website.
    • If applying in person, bring your passport and a self addressed, prepaid envelope with a tracking number, issued by the USPS. The envelope will be used to send your passport back to you after it has been processed.
    • If applying through a visa or travel agency, you will need to bring your passport and driver's license. Your license will be used to prove that you live in the area served by the consulate you are applying to.
    • It is recommend that you submit a Yellow Fever International Certificate of Vaccination (ICV), if you have visited countries with yellow fever within 90 days of your visit.
    • Additional documents that are required include:[6]
      • Full travel itinerary, documented by flight tickets or cruise dates.
      • Proof of earnings. This can be a bank statement or tax documents.
      • A color photo of your face will likely be needed.
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    Plan enough time for processing. Your application for a visa will take time. Applying too late could prevent you from receiving it before your trip. Learn how much time you can expect the process to take to ensure you obtain the visa before you embark.[7]
    • If you apply in person, you can expect at least five business days for processing time. This does not include mailing time.
    • Applying through a travel of visa agency will also take up to five business days for processing time.
    • Some factors are not accounted for in these estimates. For example, additional documents may be required for submission and some visa types may require longer periods of processing. These may include documents such as VITEM I, VITEM VI, or VIPER forms.
    • Some seasons are considered “busy”, and processing times may take longer.
    • Visa status updates are not provided by the consulate.
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    Locate your nearest Brazilian embassy or consulate and submit. You will need to file with a Brazilian embassy to finally obtain your visa. You can visit the consulate in person or you can make use of a travel or visa service, should you live too far away from your nearest consulate. [8]
    • Keep in mind that embassies or consulates only serve a limited geographical area around them. You will need to find one that serves your location.
    • Information and documents can be sent through travel or visa services, if you are unable to visit in person.


  • Leave yourself enough time for the application process.


  • You will be refused entry without a visa.
  • You cannot obtain a visa when you arrive in Brazil.
  • You will be given a form upon arrival in Brazil. This form needs to be retained and returned upon your departure. If you lose this form you will likely have to pay a fine and you will need permission from the federal police to leave the country.[9]

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