How to Obtain a Law Degree

Law if not only one of the largest professions in the United States, with jobs ranging from being a judge to being a corporate lawyer, and even being a litigator. While there are many potential jobs you can obtain with a law degree, it isn't always easy to get your degree.


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    Start Early! It can never be stressed enough the importance of starting early in life is. As you may or may not know, you will have to take the LSAT in order to be accepted into a law program. Make sure to take the Practice LSAT and to get the highest score you can. This will allow you to take a better program possible program and to be eligible for more finical aide.
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    If you aren't happy with your LSAT, you should take it again, if possible. If you know that you likely did very poorly on it, you can cancel the test before it is graded. Your test administrator will give you the resources to cancel them if you should choose to do so. While colleges can see if you have canceled them, most won't mind that you did so. It's much better to have a canceled test and an awesome score than a horrible score and an awesome score.
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    Make sure you apply to the course on time and meet all the requirements. One such requirement for all law courses is that you have a bachelor degree. Although most people have degrees in fields like criminal justice, fiancé, or journalism, you can apply so long as you have a bachelor's degree of any kind.
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    Once you've been accepted into a course, make sure that you are truly prepared. Sure you need whatever materials the course requires, but you also need to have the right state of mind. Keep in mind that this is a career choice and a tough one at that. You need to do your absolute best to remember all that you can from the course. Not only to ensure that you are successful at your job but also to make sure you pass the bar exam the first time.
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    Make sure you get into a good internship. The job experience and mentorship will help you truly get a feel for what field you'll want to get into after you get your degree. Keep your options open. The on the job experience may even help you with your course work.
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    Make sure you're ready for the bar exam. Nothing is worse to a law student than having to take the bar exam multiple times. See for help on how to prepare for it.
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    Once you've passed the bar exam and gotten your degree, you are now fully able to pursue a job in law! Congratulations, new lawyer.


  • If you happened to live in an area where a degree in law is not necessary to take the bar exam, you may consider it. Areas such as California (and some others) don't actually require you to have a degree in order to be legally practicing, although you still need to pass the bar. If you are financially strained, you may consider this, if you think you can handle it.


  • It is absolutely vital that you do not slack off. Forgetting one thing could make the difference in passing the bar exam and failing, or winning a case versus getting sued for malpractice.

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