How to Obtain a Free Online Insurance Quote Quickly

Whether you are seeking insurance for your home, your car, or even your life, accessing a free insurance quote online can be a time consuming and somewhat difficult process. Learning how to obtain a free online insurance quote quickly and easily will save you time and trouble as you begin your search for a competitive insurance policy.


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    Determine which type of policy will be most appropriate for your needs.
    • In order to get an accurate insurance quote, be prepared with specific coverage amounts to meet your needs and desired protection levels. Be sure to thoroughly research the various types of policies prior to acquiring quotes for specific insurance products. This will help you avoid becoming overburdened by too many choices or too many quotes.
    • Insurance coverages such as homeowners insurance and life insurance often offer many different riders or add-ons to the face value or coverage level of the policy. Decide in advance which policy additions are important to you as well as how much you would be willing to pay for these additions. This will help you easily compare similar policies from a variety of insurance providers.
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    Gather all documents and information which will be used in the process of obtaining an insurance quote.
    • Documents and information needed to provide an accurate quote will include vehicle make, model, year, and mileage for a vehicle, home size and tax value for a home, and general health information for a life insurance policy.
    • You should be able to acquire a generic quote without providing any confidential personal information online. Information provided should be generic in nature and should not be linked to your name, Social Security number, or address.
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    Consider using an unaffiliated third-party insurance comparison site rather than comparing rates directly with insurance providers.
    • Third-party sites often allow you to quickly and easily compare insurance policies from a variety of providers. Some sites allow you to enter your information and preferences one time and then compare offers from competing insurance providers.
    • Selecting a site which is not directly affiliated with any insurance companies will help to ensure that you are getting an unbiased comparison of insurance quotes without being pressured to purchase a policy from a specific company.
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    Use free online insurance quotes as a starting point in selecting an appropriate insurance policy.
    • Online quotes are generally simple estimates of the cost of an insurance policy. Use these quotes to compare offerings from competing companies, but remember that the actual policy costs will be dependent on further information and application requirements.
    • Online quotes can be used in negotiating with insurance companies. You might even get a quote estimate from a competing insurer and then contact your current insurance company to see if they will match that rate.


  • Insurance providers will often use any information they can get from you in order to market their particular policies to you. In addition, they will often compare their prices with their competitors but manipulate the policy details in such a way as to always ensure that their policies appear to be the most affordable.
  • Some insurance websites will ask you to enter your phone number in order to receive your instant quote. These companies will typically call you with your instant quote, followed by a pitch from the salesman who calls you. In addition, they will keep your phone number on file for future phone solicitations and marketing. You should be able to find reliable insurance quotes online without needing to provide your personal phone number.

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