How to Observe National Night Out

National Night Out is a one-day event, held in the United States. Celebrated on the first Tuesday of August (and October 4th in Texas), it is a motivation to get neighborhoods and towns closer together. Drugs, drive-by shootings, gangs, and burglaries are some of the worst events and crimes that can happen in any neighborhood. Being involved in this event will allow you to become more aware of crime prevention, police enforcement, and town watches. Here is how to celebrate National Night Out.


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    Hold a neighborhood board watch meeting. Discuss the matters at hand and what needs to be fixed in your town. Get the local police department involved in the meetings, if possible.
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    Get the community closer together with a natural block party. Block parties are the best way to know your neighbors better, to take some stress off by socializing, and to have a safe & fun time. Always plan according to the weather for that day.
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    Get the neighborhood kids together for a huge party. There's endless possibilities that children can do.
    • Go on a beach trip.
    • Create backyard games for them to do.
    • Have a block party water balloon fight.
    • Reserve the leftover BBQ fire for roasting s'mores.
    • Have a neighborhood scavenger hunt. Place the items around obvious, but safe places around streets for the kids to find.
    • Make child ID cards for everyone.
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    Create a family outdoor movie night event. Rent a projector for the day and tie up a screen on poles. Invite neighbors to join in your front yard. Be sure to have enough room for chairs or blankets and be prepared with trash bags, along with food and drinks.
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    Practice crime prevention in your own home.
    • Write a list of all important contact numbers, such as police, fire, ambulance, immediate relatives, close neighbors, etc. If living in an apartment structure, also list the property manager(s). Always keep the list in a clear view, such as the refrigerator.
    • Secure your home with deadbolts, home alarms, or home security cameras. Securing personal belongings is as important in keeping physically safe.
    • Never put child's names on the outside of their clothes. If needed, always write on the inside. This is to avoid any potential stranger calling your child by name. Many school field trips require a child's name tag to be attached on the inside using this method.
    • Discuss with your child that public places, such as malls and supermarkets aren't playgrounds and they should be with you at all times. Never allow a child to wander off by themselves.
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    Create a better community for all to enjoy and to feel safe.
    • Work together on creating a community garden. Planting and nourishing plants as a group brings people and nature together.
    • Plan a neighborhood cleanup. Whether it's at the beach, park, street cleaning, cleaning up graffiti, or painting and touching up on things, all hard work to make the community a better place to live pays off in a huge way.

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