How to Not Get Arrested While Skateboarding

Like to skateboard in public places? These steps will help prevent you from being arrested.


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    Be aware of any town ordinances in your community that regulate the use of skateboards or inline skates in certain areas.
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    Look for a 'No Skateboarding' sign, if you see one - go somewhere else.
    • If you can't find a sign, ask someone who resides/works nearby if they know.
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    If the police come, be polite and just tell them you weren't aware that you couldn't skateboard there.
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    If the property owner, business employee, or the police ask you to leave, do so.
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    Under no circumstance argue with the police or authority figure. If you believe you're within your legal rights to do so and are on public property take legal action against them via a lawyer and/or in the case of Police place a complaint via internal affairs. Involve a lawyer and they can do the arguing for you!


  • If you are asked to leave, don't take it personally. Many property owners don't allow skateboarding because they are concerned that the skaters will get hurt and sue them or try to collect from their insurance company. While you may promise not to sue, you often don't have control of this. If you are hurt on someone else's property - your health insurance company may sue the property owner to recover what they paid to cover your medical bills.
  • Try to find places where it's legal and still safe to skate instead of places in which may be dangerous to you or other around the area. Once you find that location try to keep it clean and you will be less likely to be kicked out in the future.
  • Make sure not to come back next time to skate, or you may get into more trouble.


  • Grinds may cause paint damage to rails/railings. Try to remember that many people use rails to help them up stairs and they don't want to grab a slick waxy surface. As well as metal spires that may cut their hands as the walk up the stairs.
  • Watch out for telltale signs the police officer is a "Callahan" cop. This type of police will be looking to start trouble and it's best to respond with "sir" and keep a respectful tone. If possible ask to move to a location where other adults can witness events as they could help you in case the officer begins abusing your rights.
  • Waxing concrete ledges may cause black marks if the wax melts into the concrete. If allowable try to spray a coat of clear spray paint onto the ledge to prevent this from happening.
  • Remember, being rude will get you nowhere!

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