How to Not Be Boring With Your Boyfriend

Three Parts:Sparking interest in fun and novel waysHolding conversationsDoing things together

There is a Turkish proverb that says, “No road is long with good company.” When you are in a long-lasting relationship and every time you have to say “goodbye” seems hard, the key word for making love stay is to spend more time together, and start having fun together. Although there are many things you can do if you decide to stay indoors, there are many more ways to have fun if you decide to go out. Because, even if you are not the outdoors type, sometimes you just need to go out.

Part 1
Sparking interest in fun and novel ways

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    Be romantic. Everyday routine and stress will eventually spoil your relationship. Sometimes even flowers aren’t enough to make you love him as strong as the first days. Add some romance in your relationship. Go for a ride in the car and don’t stop till you find a place where buildings can’t obstruct the view of the sky and city lights can’t outshine the stars. Another idea is to spend a night in the beach; just you and him, sitting around the fire and drinking wine. Check your local laws before doing this. A night in jail for breaking the open container laws is not romantic.
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    Be artistic. There are so many events going on in your town that even if you’d like to catch them all, you wouldn’t have the time! Instead of reading reviews about exhibitions, find out where the next comic festival, book presentation, music concert or poetry reading is gonna be!
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    Be creative with surprises knock his door first thing in the morning on the weekend, bring out a picnic basket, and go to the park. Or go to the nearest hill to have your picnic there. Being spontaneous will improve the fun.

Part 2
Holding conversations

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    Don't be silent all the time with your boyfriend. Try be fun and outgoing. The classic way to have fun with your boyfriend if you decide to go out is to go for a hot cup of coffee in a cozy cafe at the corner, or somewhere you’ve never been before. If you’d like to combine chin wagging with a good meal, choose a restaurant where you could taste different cuisines. You should also experience the night-life of your town once in a while. Dance the night away in a club, or enjoy your drink while listening to your favorite music in a bar!

Part 3
Doing things together

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    Go out. Go to the movies at least twice a week. There are always new movies out that will let you share a good laugh, or give you new things to talk about. Invigoration is the source of a good relationship! Besides the movie theater, you could join cinema festivals and watch all the premieres, or you can sign up for a club where you can study the art of cinema and even make your own amateur movie! (Not that kind of amateur movie… that’s in a different article!)
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    Compromise. You can watch a chick flick and promise to watch a movie of his choice. But you can still keep it engaging for him by snuggling up to him. You can place your hand on his chest to remove all touch barriers. You can always slip your hand underneath his shirt but it might send the wrong signal so be open to anything he might try. But keep it fun by switching things up. Also stop to kiss him once in a while it will send him in a whirl!
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    Go out and travel. Want to combine fun with exploring new lands and meeting new people? It’s recommended to go on a trip at least one a year. Let this trip be a road trip! As soon as you wake up in the morning, make your suitcases (remember to take as less things with you as possible) and get in the car.
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    Play some old games. This will be fun! It will bring out his competitive side which is always fun to watch. It might bring out some funny and embarrassing stories from both of your childhoods. And you can always give a reward such as a kiss in the end for the winner.
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    Play the video games he likes with him. This will be a big turn on for him because we all know that guys love playing video games and they would love to see their girl playing. And this will past the time quickly.
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    Make something together. You can make a meal with him. Guys can't resist food. It is the one way to their heart. He would love for you to show off your talents in the kitchen. A female working in the kitchen can be a great turn on for boys. And if you want both of you to get your competitive juices flowing you can compete with your best recipes.


  • Try to make up a hand clap or something that's made just for you and him. This may make him feel happy or special.
  • If you prefer something less “crazy” like video games, on-line games, role playing games or card games, don’t just stay at home playing against each other. There many challenge matches and tournaments that takes place every so in net cafes, hotels and special bookstores. Join in now! Even old-fashioned arcade games are great. Battle it out with a round of Pac-Man!
  • Just being yourself isn't sufficient; you also need to make an effort to care about your boyfriend's interests and not constantly demand things be how you'd like them to be or to just say that "this is who I am", then fail to make compromises.

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