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How to Not Be Afraid to Get a Tattoo/Piercing

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Does the needle freak you out as well as the gun? Here's how to survive.


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    What kind of piercing/tattoo are you getting? If it's your ear lobes you're getting pierced, you don't have to worry at all. It never hurts. It's just quick as a pinch, then they sting a bit for a few minutes. If it's a piercing anywhere else then they won't use a gun. They use a needle. There are benefits of both. The benefits of a needle is that it's much easier to clean so there is a less likely chance for infection. With a gun, it doesn't take as long.
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    Try watching videos on youtube on how it's done. There are plenty of each type of piercing. This might help you calm your nerves and know what to expect.
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    When you go to get it done, breathe deeply. The piercer will usually say to inhale deeply then when you exhale, they do it. Focus on your breathing and try to pay no attention to what is going on. When you focus on something other than the pain, it's no big deal!
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    What really helps with tattoos is to sip on a bottle of water (or a sugary drink if you're prone to fainting) during the tattooing process. Having hard candy to suck on helps too. It keeps your mind off the pain. It also helps to bring a friend who can you can talk to, a lot, throughout the whole thing. This makes everything go by faster. Also, if you go to a good tattoo shop, they will usually have a lot of CDs to choose from and you can listen to whatever you want while they tattoo you.
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    The worst thing about piercings is the clamp. Some people disagree but usually it is. Also, if you are going to a really good piercer, they may pull it hard enough that it numbs the feeling so you feel almost nothing. One last thing, for cartilage, it hurts more. This includes anywhere on your ear besides the lobe, septum, and nose. Also in places where the skin is thick like dimple piercings.

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Pain Factor

  • Bellybutton: Not very bad, but it will hurt. It will be over so fast you don't have a chance to react...and once it's in it doesn't really hurt, just a little sore. Be very careful with your shirts because it hurts if it gets caught.
  • Ear piercing (not including lobes): The harder the part in the ear the more painful (especially tragus).
  • Tattoo: The pain varies depending on where it is. The most painful in the ankle area.
  • Nose piercing: Similar to the ear cartilage piercing. *Will cause eyes to water.*
  • Septum piercing: Very painful for some people, for others totally painless. *Will cause eyes to water.*
  • Lip piercing: Not very painful. Slight pain when done but stops when it's in.
  • Tongue piercing: If done by a skilled piercing artist, you will feel no pain at all until afterwards. Tongue piercings are sore for 3-5 days, and remember that it is not good to eat solid food for a few days.
  • Angelbite/Monroe/Madonna: One of the least painful piercings besides earlobes.
  • Eyebrow/Anti Eyebrow: Eyebrow piercings aren't bad since they pull the clamps out very far. Anti eyebrow piercings are quite painful though.

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