How to Not Act Snobbish

Have you been told you're a snob? Want to change? The key to not being snobbish is to remain humble and aware of others around you. Keeping the thoughts of others in your mind will help you rid yourself of your snobbish ways.


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    Accept others. Those who are different from you are exactly that: Different. Do not judge them, do not despise them.
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    Respect others. This does not mean you should be their friends at all. It merely demands that you see the intrinsic worth of others, no matter how disreputable they may appear to you.
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    Accept yourself. One of the primary reasons for snobbery is a lack of self-respect. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself, but not everyone is at that level or cares to be there. Another reason you may be considered a "snob" is because you are shy or quiet giving the impression you don't want to talk to the people around you. Although you may feel shy or uncomfortable, they may see it as you believing you are better than them, hence a snob. Smile at everyone you see! Be happy & make small talk!
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    Accept your past, embrace your roots or heritage. If it was humble, noble, embarrassing or whatever, this gives you no excuse to reject whatever or whoever represents it. Being snobbish only highlights your embarrassment at your past or heritage and makes you look ridiculous.


  • Everybody wants to feel superior, that is normal. To try to achieve that "feeling" of superiority by rejecting others (in whatever way: sneering, jeering, nasty comments, or whatever is your particular ammunition) is simply bad breeding, bad manners, impolite and evidence of your own lack of status.
  • Your need for that "feeling of superiority" comes from a need to be admired, to be the center of attention. Again, this is normal. You need to fulfill this need in a healthy manner: learn a skill, sport, something that appeals to you in which the natural outcome is praise and adulation when you excel, in other words, when you deserve it.
  • Tell yourself this, over and over before you go to bed: "Everybody is the same and we're beautiful, we're pretty, we're intelligent, kind and nice." It helps make you more relaxed and appreciative.
  • Snobbery is petty. There's always a bigger snob than you.


  • There's no effecting a cure without addressing the root issues. The reason you act like a snob is essentially the need to belong. Try joining a team or club to help fix this.

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