How to Name a Pet

Naming a pet is sometimes difficult. Follow these simple steps on how to name a pet.


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    Think about your pet's personality. Does he/she remind you of a person, character, object, or s personality. Is there an activity he/she loves to do? Is there a character trait that he/she reminds you of? Any of these could suggest a good name. For example, is Star Wars a popular thing in your family? Maybe name your pet after Chewy or Leia!
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    Examine your pet. Lets take a dog for example. The dog is dark and reminds you of something you like. You may name him/her Smoky or Stormy. Maybe he/she smells a lot, so you could name him/her Stinky. If you like cartoons, you may name him Pluto.
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    Be careful and choose wisely. If you are naming a puppy or a kitten, pick a name that can grow with the pet as he ages. Names such as Baby, Pups, or Bae for a child animal seem cute at the time, but when they grow to an adult, no so much. Is your dog skinny or fat? Just because it is at the time you name it, does not mean in the future it will not loose/gain weight, so don't name a pet Boney or Chubs. Also avoid names that might alienate people, such as "Cujo," which could remind others of the killer dog from the movie, "Cujo." It's also smart to nix names that are tongue twisters and that can be confused with training cues or everyday words. "Mo," for example, can be confused with "no," "Tom" can be confused with "come," and "Trey" can be confused with "stay."
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    Think, do you want a common name? Maybe you think a common, usual, name will work bets for you dog. Think of some names like Grace or Riley. Max or Macy. Jack, Tina, Biscuit, Kipper, Skipper, Noddle, or Bubbles.
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    Get a name book. A name book that is used to help pick baby names can help you find a name! Search through some names in the book. Hey, who knows, you could find some very interesting names!
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    Get inspired by your own life. Maybe name your pet "Joker" if you like comic books. Do you collect or have interest in coins? Maybe name your pet Lincoln after the penny.
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    Avoid names that may be too long. Example, the name Princess Peanut Butter is cute, but to long to say to your pet every minute or two. Unless you plan to call the pet with the long name some quirky nickname like PPB, choose a name that is simpler that you could call the pet.


  • Don't use a name on your pet, especially if it is a dog or cat, for a prolonged period of time unless you are certain you will keep using it - deciding you don't like the name a month down the line will just confuse the poor animal.
  • Don't name your pet something derogatory or inappropriate. It's important to be courteous to others if you plan to call your pet in public, and it's rude to expect your vet and his or her staff to use a derogatory name when you bring your animal in.
  • Don't yell your pet's name when your pet does something wrong. Your pet may start associating his or her name with you being angry, especially if you don't use the name much in other situations. Just saying "no" is fine. (Prevent problems and "bad habits" by using preventative measures, proper use of confinement, and training. For example, a young healthy dog that barks a lot probably is bored and in need of mental, emotional and physical exercise. Dog school, walks and hikes, and play dates with other nice dogs can make a noisy, constantly barking dog be a calm sleepy dog.)

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