How to Mutual Exchange or Home Swap (UK)

A Home Swap will allow you to trade residences for a substantially lower cost than selling and buying separately.


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    Visit your Council or Housing Association. They may have an advertising board in their offices. These can be effective for local home swaps if the notice board is well known and if tenants check it regularly.
    • A much easier way to find a mutual exchange is to use a home swap website. There are several different sites, some are free to use, others you have to pay a small fee for. If you choose to register on a website you should first check to see if they have any properties in the area that you wish to move to. Most home swap sites will let you run a free search and let you look for home swaps before you register.
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    Check with your local paper if you are looking for a local home swap as they may also allow you to advertise for free.
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    Try looking for a 3 Way swap. If you cannot find a direct swap, look for a three-way mutual exchange. This is where there are 3 properties in the swap so you move into property A, the people in property A move into property B and the people in property B move into your home. A good three way matching tool on a mutual exchange website is on - it really takes the leg work out of finding a 3-way home swap. You can of course have more than three people involved in your move so a 4-way exchange or a 5 way etc, the more people the more complicated it gets, however this is a viable way of swapping homes, be prepared to put in some effort to get the home swap you want.
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    Arrange a viewing. Once you have found a potential home swap arrange a viewing and go and take a really good look around the property. Remember this is going to be your new home so it has to be right. If there is something which needs repairing you need to agree with the current tenant that this will be fixed before you move in as you take the property in its current state.
    • If you are unclear about any of your rights which maybe affected or if you need assistance in finding a new home, contact your Landlord as they should have all of the information you need and may also be able to provide some help and support with finding a home swap.

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