How to Multitask in wikiHow

Some may find it easy to perform the same task repetitively, while others may risk burnout. Here are a few ideas to multitask on wikiHow:


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    Increase your efficiency.
    • Take care of your computer room.
    • Upgrade your equipment. Compare Mac versus Linux versus Windows.
    • Do computer maintenance to reduce computer problems.
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    Provide quick access to specific links.
    • Create My Links on wikiHow. Include links to certain users.
    • Create a list of policies as a frequent reminder.
    • Create a list of easy tasks, such as Categorizing, Patrolling or Copyediting.
    • Create a list of time-consuming tasks, such as Formatting, NAB or Merging.
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    Alternate tasks.
    • Your time may be limited. You may be unable to concentrate long-term.
    • Save your work with the My Drafts feature. Return when new ideas arise.
    • If you do not wish to get involved, apply a template.
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    Open other tabs in your browser window.
    • Contact other editors.
    • Search for more information.
    • Search through the Help category or address questions in the Forum.
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    Concentrate on what is at hand.
    • Close tabs that are no longer needed.
    • Archive old messages on your Talk page or an article's Discussion page.


  • Use Ctrl with T to open a new tab.

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