How to Multitask in College

College is pretty tough as it is these days being a "regular" student, and when I mean "regular" student I mean the ones who are just naturals at homework , getting good grades , and doing almost everything around campus; but it is even more challenging when you're the "average" student which so many things coming at you at one time. Making it hard to multitask in school and real life. Here's some tips to help you multitask while in college.


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    Breathe. Makes sure before everything on this list , get thoughts and feelings together and relax. You can get all the tips in the world , but they will never work effectively if you don't "breathe".
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    Get Organized. Obtain things like agenda books,dry erase boards or just regular notebooks to write a step by step plan of what you need to do everyday. It helps to also write the little things like talking to a friend or grabbing something before you leave.
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    Go over your Major/Minor. Go on your school or the school of your choice site and go over what specifically your major requires for you to succeed.
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    Discuss with your professors. Take time to go to each professor or your advisor asking them (politely of course), what is required to pass and how can you effectively succeed in the class as well. They will gladly appreciate you for this and this puts you ahead of most students who just come in there to learn and leave.
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    Weed out the unnecessary things. In college, you're always wanting to have fun and break free since you're away from the "boring , over baring parent"; but take your time to go through all random friends, things and events you will not need while at college. If you know you have an exam next week on a Monday, it would not be best to go out and party Saturday and Sunday. If you know you have a class at 8, wake up 2 hours early to get yourself together.
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    Never Over commit. The worse thing you could ever do is to commit to several different things. Take your time to do one assignment at a time, so you won't overload yourself.
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    Good Nights Sleep. One of the most important things to do out of it all is to get a good night's sleep throughout your life or even just a good nap.


  • Continue these steps through college and even after, because once you stop it'll be even harder to get back in.
  • Remember what you went to college for.

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