How to Multiplex Juggle

A method of juggling called multiplexing involves throwing two balls up from the same hand (at the same time), and as they split apart in the air, throw the third ball from your other hand into the "gap". Multiplexing (splitting) allows you to add some flash to a three beanbag pattern.

This page diagrams the basic technique. After you learn the two-bag-split, you will want to use it as a starting throw for three. It adds a new dimension to standard three bag technique; you will find many places that catching two, then splitting them can be used to enhance your routine.

With time, you may find that you can juggle four beanbags by splitting them alternately. Ultimately, you may find that you can easily juggle 5 items by repeated splits from each hand.

One simple trick, endless possibilities!


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    Place two juggling balls side by side in your dominant hand. Do not place one in front of the other.
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    Throw both balls into the air simultaneously. You want them to split apart, one going left and the other right.
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    Catch one ball in the hand that threw it, and at the same time ...
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    Catch the other ball in the opposite hand.
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    Practice this from the opposite hand as well.
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    Hold two balls, side by side, in one hand. Throw them up, catch one in the throwing hand and one in the other hand.
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    Throw and split two, throw one through the split, then catch, catch, and simply continue in a 3 ball pattern.


  • Close your mouth!
  • Having your middle two fingers tucked slightly in may force the multiplexed balls to split further apart.
  • When first learning to multiplex, this splitting move can be a good way to start a regular 3 ball cascade. Split two, throw the third ball through the split, and keep juggling.
  • Try to have the balls split apart on a plane in front of your body (side to side).


  • At first, this may seem difficult.
  • Do not attempt to multiplex-juggle fire axes.

Things You'll Need

  • 2, 3, 4, or 5 juggling balls or bean bags.

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