How to Muddle

Two Parts:Selecting the muddling requirementsMuddling

Muddling is a method of crushing ingredients to release the most flavor for drinks, usually for cocktails. It's an essential technique to know for making muddled drinks.

Part 1
Selecting the muddling requirements

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    Choose a muddling item. Unless the recipe requires an exact implement, there are many items that can be used to crush the drink ingredients with. For example:
    • A purpose made muddling stick: These sticks are sold in stores that stock alcohol, drinking supplies and some kitchenware stores; they are like a thick stick or rod, made from wood/bamboo/plastic, etc.
    • A bar spoon: Use the back of the spoon to press down with
    • A French rolling pin: This type of rolling pin is a single piece of wood that lacks handles; it's nice and slim for fitting inside the glass
    • Mortar and pestle: Crush before adding to the glass.
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    Choose the ingredients for muddling. While the recipe will say exactly what to use, it helps to know the typical items that are crushed for adding to drinks. These include: herbs, berries, citrus, soft fruits, spices and other soft flavorful items.

Part 2

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    Read the recipe for the cocktail or other drink. It will explain both the ingredient to be crushed and the amount of it.
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    Place the ingredients into the glass or a Boston shaker, in its glass end.
    • If you're muddling fruits, it's recommended that you add 1 teaspoon of sugar. This will help to release more of the oils and juice from the fruits.
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    Use a press and pull action on the ingredients to crush. Muddle until fruit is pulped or the other items have been well crushed.
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    Place the muddled ingredient into the shaker (if you're not already using one). Add ice and the remaining cocktail ingredients. Shake well––at least 1/2 a dozen shakes will help to infuse the flavor through the drink.
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    Follow the recipe's instructions. Either:
    • Strain into the glass. Discard the crushed ingredients.
    • Do not strain. Simply pour into the glass, along with the crushed ingredients.
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    Finished. That's all there is to muddling!


  • The recipe should clarify whether or not to leave the crushed ingredients in the drink.

Things You'll Need

  • Muddling implement
  • Strong glass or Boston shaker
  • Ingredients for the drink

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