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    Start the mower by first turning the key from OFF position to ON position. If it is not a warm day (around 80 degrees Fahrenheit), or if the mower has been sitting more than three hours, you may have to pull the choke up before attempting to start.
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    Grab the pull rope handle with one hand and pull at a 45 degree angle. Do not pull using short strokes but pull the full length of the rope out.
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    Once the mower has started, let it warm up two to three minutes if it is around 50 to 60 degrees or around seven to eight minutes if it is below 50 degrees.
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    Push the choke down when the engine seems to be warm and get behind the mower where the handlebars are.
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    Grip the handlebars with your right hand, pushing down the operator presence control to the handlebars and release the parking brake, which is located on the far left side of the dash panel by pushing it forward. If you do not push down the operator presence control, which acts as a safety, the engine will automatically shut off if the parking brake is also off.
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    Place your left hand on the handlebars and using your right hand, turn up the throttle, the lever on the dash panel on your right, between halfway and all the way.
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    Take the forward speed lever, located on the far right of the dash panel, and move it out of neutral by pushing the lever forward. The further it is pushed away from the turtle and towards the rabbit, the faster the mower will go; it is recommended to start off slow.
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    Pull up the brakes with your four fingers on each hand and take off the neutral safety switches by pulling them backwards with your thumbs. The neutral safety switches hold the brakes in neutral so the mower doesn't go forward or in reverse.
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    To go in reverse, pull the brakes all the way up until they are touching the handlebars.
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    To go forward, release both brakes simultaneously.
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    If you need to stop, simply pull both brakes in.
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    When you need to turn, apply the brakes on the side in the direction you want the mower to go. For example, if I want to go right, I will apply the brake in my right hand.
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    After getting on the grass, engage the mower deck by pulling up on the yellow knob. This will start spinning the blades so if you need to drive over gravel or a driveway, it may be a good idea to disengage the blades, by pushing down on the yellow knob.
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    After mowing is finished, disengage the mower deck.
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    As you go to park, slow down the mower and its engine by gradually pulling the forward speed lever and the throttle lever backwards, each towards the turtle.
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    Pull up both brakes to come to a stop and apply the neutral safety switches by pushing them forward with your thumbs.
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    Pull the throttle completely back and do the same with the forward speed control, placing it in neutral position.
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    Apply the parking brake by pulling the lever backwards.
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    Turn the key to OFF position to turn off the engine.

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