How to Move With Kids

Let’s face it; most of us aren’t comfortable with changes. So, imagine how scary it can be for our little ones to leave the place, friends and school they have known for their whole life as home. Children can really feel anxious when they are first told that a new place will soon be called home.

Here are some of the tips to help ease the transition and prepare children in moving to a new home.


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    Be upfront. As soon as you have a confirmation of your relocation (place and time), tell your children about it. This will give everyone plenty of time to absorb the idea, process it and make plans for the transition.
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    Wear kids’ glasses. Before talking to them, take a look of what your new location has to offer to children, which would attract your kids’ attention. One idea would be to put a “tourist” package together with all the parks, museums, hiking spots and nature related activities.
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    Cater to the kids' interests. If your child, for example, is a boy scout, make sure you contact their chapter in your new town, introduce yourself and get their information. The same goes for swim teams, chess clubs, art classes or any other area of interest of your children.
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    Check school options ahead of time. Since the school is the most important place of social activity for children, make sure you research your new area through a reliable website. Make sure to contact the schools ahead and plan a tour.
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    Explain that there are belongings they would need to let go of. For many families, moving equals “downsizing” and that means siblings may have to share rooms, or that the children will have to part from their belongings. Again, be upfront about it and plan a day when you’ll help them do the sorting of their toys, clothes and books. Arrange to go with them to your family favorite charity and this way they can feel better, knowing someone in need will make good use of what they’re sharing.
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    Make sure that the kids are able to say a proper good-bye to their friends and other contacts. When you learn you’ll be moving, contact your children’s teachers, coaches and caregivers. Making sure they know about your move will help create a net of supporting people for you and the children. Ask them if it’s possible to organize a farewell party, which can be as simple as juices and home-made cupcakes for your children’s classmates. Take pictures and allow your children to make an album as a keepsake.
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    Keep an address book of the kids' friends. Even young ones will enjoy feeling connected by knowing their friends addresses and emails, of course! It may come down that they’ll never send their friends a holiday card, but you’ll empower them in the transition.
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    Involve your children in the packing. Allow your little ones to help you pack their belongings and to pack a backpack with their favorite items to take with them on the trip. Also, remind them to include games, books and some coloring supplies for the trip. Whether you’re driving or flying, you’ll need them!
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    Allow room for tears. It’s a given that they will come, so just accept them and give room for everyone to grieve the separation. It’s part of the change.
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    Embrace the moving process. Keep your cool, trust your heart and always move forward! Kids pick up on our anxieties so, make an effort to embrace the change and they will follow. Now, give your best and just go for it with all your heart.

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