How to Move Stealthily

Read this guide if you have a friend over or want to have some fun. This guide will teach you how to move stealthily with the basics and the advanced techniques.Advices,go on!


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    Step very carefully. Don't run unless you're making a mad break for cover or you absolutely have to. If you decide to wear shoes, try an old pair of tennis shoes or even uggs! But try to avoid slippers and flip flops. Another useful tip when seeking around is to walk from heel to toe. That should decrease the sound of your footsteps.
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    Monitor peoples breathing. Normal or light breathing means awake or almost awake. Light breathing means lightly asleep. Heavy breathing or snoring means they are deeply asleep but caution should still be used.
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    Map out the area your going to be sneaking around in and take in every detail, especially hiding spots and alley ways.
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    When being sneaky be high up or low to the ground if possible.


  • Try to step lightly. When sneaking, try to stay on the balls of your feet(base of your toes), starting on the outside edge as you take a step and rolling your foot inwards to a flat position as you put more weight on it.
  • Never leap, run, or even walk within a 15 foot (4.6 m) radius of someone.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft footwear (tabi or socks or leather footwear, no rubber bottoms.
  • Leather gloves (optional).
  • Ropes or a grappling hook (optional).
  • Dark blue clothing (optional).

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