How to Move Easily in a Lucid Dream

For many lucid dreamers, flying in the dream space is one of the great joys of lucid dreaming. Swooping and soaring around the dream environment provides a fantastic sense of freedom and adventure.

Yet some lucid dreamers find it difficult to move in the dream space. They may flap their arms, or do the breast-stroke with great effort as they seek to go places in the lucid dream state. Sometimes beginning lucid dreamers just feel stuck and can barely figure out how to fly at all.

Experienced lucid dreamers have devised various techniques to make movement easy. However, these techniques focus on manipulating the lucid dreamer’s awareness to relate to the lucid dreaming space as a mental reality. Since things like flapping your arms, breast-stroking through the air, etc., mimic physical behaviors (which have little value in dreaming), experienced lucid dreamers know that they will succeed better using mental techniques.

Lucid dreaming author, Robert Waggoner has proposed that moving in dream space can be easily accomplished by the use of a technique that he calls CFI or Concentrated Focus with Intent. It is a simple three part process, which allows lucid dreamers to move over apparently large distances with ease.


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    Concentrate your focus actively on the specific area in the dream that you wish to move to.
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    Intend yourself to be at that specific spot, by imagining yourself there, touching the spot, seeing it up close.
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    Maintain this focused intent, and now allow your awareness to move there freely. You should find yourself floating, flying or cruising to the specified point in seconds.


  • Similarly, beginning lucid dreamers need to watch their focus, when flying. If the beginner focuses on the ground or how “high” they seem to be, they can be drawn towards their area of focus, and start to feel like they are falling towards the apparent ground. More experienced lucid dreamers learn to focus only upon their goal in their visual field.
  • When using Concentrated Focus with Intent (CFI), the lucid dreamer succeeds by placing his mental focus on the goal. The lucid dreamer does not focus on the process of moving or how to move, e.g., flapping arms, swimming or soaring. Instead, the lucid dreamer focuses on being at the goal, and effortlessly moves there.[1]
  • Another way to use Concentrated Focus with Intent is to project power (or your belief in flying) into an object, and then use that object to fly in a lucid dream. For example, as a lucid dreamer you may mentally create a rocket pack, or a small airplane or a flying carpet, and use that item to go flying as you hang on. By focusing on an item that you believe can fly easily, your belief serves to energize it with your lucid intent. [2]

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