How to Motivate Kids to Do Well in School

Motivating kids to do well in school may be like pulling teeth without anesthesia for the pain. But using simple little tricks can make the effort a better experience for you and prove to be a wondrous transformation for any child. School doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be fun, resulting in better grades and a healthy attitude toward going to school.


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    Make it fun for you! The attitude any child has toward school comes from one of two places: personal experience or from the attitudes around them – the vibes, the attitudes they see others have toward school and learning. School may have rules – but learning can be fun. That attitude of “fun” comes from you the parent.
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    Incorporate learning with games. The school system understands this and programs are geared toward making learning fun for young kids in order to motivate learning and maintain interest. This should be the goal at home. The first experience with school should be fun, interesting, caring. This should also be considered when picking day care or pre-kindergarten schools.
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    Be involved not a dictator. While time is a commodity that many of us do not have and it is simply so easy just to say "I don't have time", we as parents need to spend time with our children. The times in mind are homework, study sessions and most importantly of all – to be present at school functions. Children feel much more motivated to learn if they know you care about what they are doing in school.
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    Mistakes are ok. The one thing adults and children instinctively have in common is: the fear of failure. Children need to learn that making mistakes is ok, that you can learn from mistakes and that failure is nothing to worry about. Often times we as parent refuse to admit mistakes to our children – who know full well when we are wrong. Failure, mistakes are a part of the learning process and should be seen as a motivator, a challenge: you learn from your mistakes and you become better. In school the fear of making a mistake, can cause children to shy away from learning and school all together.
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    Learning and life can be fun. Learning is a life experience, it is something children need to learn, understand and experience. Visits to the museum, to the local library or local events can be just the motivation kids need to learn. A trip to the local air show can inspire a child to learn; it will give them something to share with in class and can motivate them to seek out knowledge. Life is about asking how? How does this work? Then knowing how something works motivates children to share with others and creates a bond between students. As parents we should never shy away from answering a child’s inquisitive questions. How does it work? Why does that do that? These questions are a segue to making learning and school fun
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    Communication is vital. Believe it or not communication, the ability to communicate; the ability to make friends is important when it comes to school. Children need to feel welcomed, wanted, a part of the group and in school, children need at least one friend. This is why it’s important to teach your kids how to talk, how to communicate and most of all – how to make friends. Sometimes it takes a conscious effort by an involved parent – especially in this digital world we live in now. Social networks do not teach children how to make friends, physical interaction with other children is what builds the skills necessary to learn how to make friends and most of all, to be a friend.


  • Stay involved in your child's academic life. Children whose parents take an active interest in their schooling, regularly outperform children who receive little or no support at home.
  • Always party hard with your child. It makes them realize that life is good and its not always about working.


  • If your child loves going to school, talks about his or her friends and is doing well and suddenly stops or becomes afraid of going to school. That is a sure sign that something is wrong and needs your attention. School bullies, mean teachers and even abuse are things we as parents have to be aware of and keep a diligent eye on.

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