How to Motivate a Senior to Exercise

Majority of seniors have experienced life enough and feel they have all the necessary solutions to their problems. However, this should not stop us from offering our unconditional support and motivate them into improving their lives further. One important aspect of life is physical health where one can surely improve. The panacea to this issue is EXERCISE !


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    Practice before you preach. You can motivate a senior only if you show the positive effects of exercising on yourself. This will certainly boost your own morale and enable you to talk to the senior and influence him/her.
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    Watch a motivational Movie. Great film makers have made our task easier by making motivating movies or shows which can really spring us into action. Watch such motivational movies/ videos with the senior that can show him/her that age does not hinder one's fitness aspirations.
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    Go with them. Everyone longs for good companions when it comes to exercising. This not only gives much needed support but also makes the process exciting and interesting. So, either offer to exercise with him/her or suggest him good clubs. Also, you could ask his/her friends who might wish to accompany him.
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    Be Consistent. At times the senior might stop exercising and look to escape it. But you have to be persistent in urging him to be regular. As this would ultimately aid him age better and be healthier.
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    Ask the senior of what he desires in terms of physical attributes? The reasons would be his wishes which you can help convert into goals that are attainable.
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    Give the senior compliments when he begins with an exercise regimen and involve his friends too. Tell him to reward himself by going for a good spa massage or buying something, if he sticks to the exercise plan for a month or so.


  • You can buy him a good book that is motivating.
  • He might listen to the health benefits if a doctor tells him.


  • Don't overdo it though. At first a senior might get a wrong impression and get irritated too. So, be subtle when you approach him/her.
  • Leave the process to someone else if you find it too tough.

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