How to Merge a wikiHow Article

Since this is a collaborative project, we want people to work together to build one high-quality page on a particular topic, rather than each person making their own page. Plus, it gives our readers a single place where they can find all the advice we have on a single topic.

If you accidentally wrote an article on a topic we already have on wikiHow, you can easily move your information to the existing article so that your name still shows up as an author, and so that your advice gets read by more people there (because that page is already established with search engines). This article will show you how.


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    Make sure the article is a good candidate for merging. Take a look at the merge policy and compare the titles (ignore the content for now). Do the titles mean the same exact thing? If they don't, merging isn't a good idea here. Remove the merge tag and place a note on the discussion page explaining how the titles are different.
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    Open both pages for editing.
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    Copy and paste information from the article tagged for merging to the other article.
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    Edit to incorporate the new information smoothly. Unless you're just adding a new distinct method to the article, most merges will require some editing to incorporate the new advice smoothly. Try to make sure you're not repeating any information that's already in there, and make sure the steps or parts flow logically.
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    Click on Preview, at the bottom of a page, to review your changes.
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    Write a note in the Edit Summary, at the bottom of the article you are adding to, to explain that you are merging.
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    Click on Publish, at the bottom of a page, to save your changes.
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    Create a redirect from the empty article to the one you added the information to. Or, since that's quite tricky for beginners, ask an admin to do it for you!


  • For questions, contact the Merge Team.
  • Click here for articles in need of merging.
  • Add {{merge}} to an editor's Talk page to encourage them to merge information.
  • If appropriate, add {{Mergetarget}} to the Discussion page of the Merge Target to designate it as a Frequent Merge Target.

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