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A mentor is a trusted counselor or guide. [1] At wikiHow, we match relatively new editors, that show potential, with experienced wikiHowians. We aim to help build wiki skills in writing, online communication, collaboration and leadership. Here's how to mentor:


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    Understand our requirements.
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    Get experience. Write articles, edit articles, and patrol edits on wikiHow. Make a name for yourself, and learn your way around the website. Get a basic idea of NFD templates for user pages, talk pages, articles, HTML and wiki markup. See the wikiHow tour.
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    Welcome new members. In Recent Changes, watch for people joining the wikiHow community and welcome them. This will give you a chance to spread your name and let others know that you are available to help. New members might reply to your welcome message and ask questions. Answer them in the best way that you can and show what you know. This will give you even more experience.
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    Add {{Mentorinvite}} to a new editor's Talk page.
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    Review our coaching tips.
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    Refer an editor to wikiHow policies.
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    Refer an editor to others that may be experts in a field. If they want to become an administrator, but you're a page designer, there's no use in trying to teach something you don't know. Turn them over to an expert in that particular field, but keep taking them on in everything else. No one can do it all, so lean on your fellow wikiHow members for help.
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    Do not take full responsibility for planning activities or communications.
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    Accept that personalities may clash.
    • Kindly refer an editor to another mentor.
    • Be understanding if an editor wishes to find a new mentor.
    • If an editor is a problem, they may lose the offer to be mentored.
    • Use mediation, if needed.
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    Know that this is a big responsibility. You are now responsible for whatever this person does -good or bad- on wikiHow. Ease them into getting started. Praise them for what they do right (writing a good article, making good edits) and give them friendly reminders for what they do wrong. This could be anything from writing a duplicate article to making a not-so-helpful edit.
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    Let them go. You can't mentor someone through their entire wikiHow career. After they seem like they know what they're doing, tell them that you're letting them off on their own now. Encourage them to keep going by themselves and always turn back to you for any questions. Accept that you're not officially mentoring them anymore, but you'll always be their closest source of advice for all things wikiHow.


  • Find someone within your time zone.
  • Mentoring benefits your own development and progression.
  • If you are unable to meet our requirements, please withdraw your name from our members' list.

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