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Is there an editor that's interested in becoming a New Article Booster? If you're an experienced editor, you might be interested in mentoring that editor. Here are a few tips on how you can mentor an aspiring Booster.


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    Suggest to the editor that they read the articles about NAB in Category:New Article Boost. This will help them to get an understanding of what NAB is about.
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    Give the editor some links to places where they can start improving their editing skills. Some articles will need to be improved before promotion. Some suggestions include the copyedit, format and cleanup categories. You should also offer help with editing tagged articles by linking to helpful articles, and providing examples of good edits made, so the editor knows how to edit these pages.
    • Try suggesting that the editor patrols some new articles from Special:NewPages, and edits them the same way as they would in NAB. Teach him or her to make good judgements about whether the articles should be promoted or demoted.
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    Help the editor work on their coaching skills. Since Boosters are required to be good at coaching editors and leave notes of appreciation upon editing or demoting articles, it's important to guide them in learning how to coach. It is recommended to provide the following links to helpful articles:
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    Provide links to the policies for the editor to study. Boosters are required to be familiar with the following policies:
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    Be there to answer any questions that the editor might have. Since an editor who is trying to become a Booster usually has questions about what to do with new articles, questions based on the policies, and things like that, you should be able to give an accurate answer beyond "I don't know" or "Ask someone else." Look at articles that give the answer to a question, or try to find another method of answering it. Your ability to answer questions will show other people that you know how to accurately help people in need, and be trusted when coaching aspiring Boosters.

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