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In order to become an admin, a candidate must go through a three-month trial period to demonstrate their responsibility with the admin buttons. As a mentor, it's your responsibility to guide the candidate and offer opportunities to use the buttons appropriately to make sure this contributor will know how to use them on their own.


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    Decide how you'll keep track of the candidate's progress. If there are multiple mentors, it might be easier to use the candidate's page on the admin election wiki.
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    Give the candidate some training exercises. Encourage them to start small (perhaps five exercises at a time) and report back to you. Give them feedback on their decisions, and correct any mistakes they might make. It’s a good idea to have the candidate limit the use of their buttons to these structured exercises until you’re very confident in their admin skills. You don’t have to do all of these exercises, but the more you guide your candidate with using their admin buttons, the more confident we can all be that they’ll be good admins once the trial period is over. These are all suggestions; the exercises you have your candidate do and the way they report back to you is completely your call.
    • Title changes.
      • "Read the title policy. Go to title change requests and make decisions for the first five articles on the list. Give me links to the title changes you made. If you didn’t change the title, tell me why. Don’t forget to remove title templates when you’re done."
    • Approve/reject requests.
      • "Go to and try your hand at managing requests. Tell me what the titles were, how you edited (if it all), and whether you rejected/approved."
      • "Go to suggested topics to delete and use discretion to delete them here. Remember that just because a title is specific doesn't mean we shouldn't have an article on it. Additionally, you can go through requests and pick out titles you think should be deleted, but run them by me first before actually deleting them."
    • NFD Guardian.
      • "Go to NFD Guardian and vote on five articles. Keep track of the articles you voted on."
      • "Choose “dup” as the reason and vote on five articles. Keep track of the articles you voted on."
    • Proposed redirects.
      • "Go to proposed redirects and make a decision on the first 5 titles. Record the titles you made decisions on and send them to me when you’re done so I can review."
    • Speedy deletions.
      • "Keep an eye on the speedy deletions category, and delete articles using good judgment. Remember that not all articles with the template need to be deleted. If you remove the template, coach the person who placed it. Let me know when you’ve taken action on a speedy deletion article so I can review."
    • Admin notice board.
      • "Keep a close eye on the admin notice board and look for opportunities to help. When you take action, let me know what you did. If you’re not sure how to deal with a certain situation, tell me what the situation is and tell me what you think would be the right course of action, and we’ll discuss it."
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    Check your candidate's contributions and logs regularly.
    • Block log
    • Deletion log
    • Title change log


  • Think about the most difficult situations you've faced as an admin, and give the candidate advice on how to handle them. Explain the circumstances and ask them what they would do in these situations.
  • If there's a difficult situation such as an angry contributor or an edit conflict, offer your candidate a chance to handle it, if you feel they're ready. It's good for candidates to practice their ability to remain calm and professional under fire.


  • If the candidate misuses the buttons and you're worried that they might cause some damage, contact admins for discussion and consider asking for temporary suspension of the buttons (if you feel the situation is coachable) or permanent removal of buttons (to end the trial period).

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