How to Mentor a New Booster on wikiHow

Are you an experienced Booster, and happen to notice that a new Booster joined the team? Here are some tips on how you can mentor him or her so that he or she can be a great booster with fantastic skills.


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    Give the Booster some links to articles on how to boost effectively. For example, our article on How to Use the wikiHow New Article Boost App might be helpful, as well as these articles related to New Article Boost. If the booster has questions about any of these articles, encourage them to ask you before jumping into boosting.
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    Practice with boosting from New NAB. As a booster, it can take some time to develop good boosting skills, so it's important that you're there to coach the editor on how to boost and offer feedback when needed. For example, you could have the booster do a little at a time, such as processing 50 or 100 titles from New NAB and even the boosting backlog. Then you can have him or her get back to you so you can review the boosts and offer feedback.
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    Encourage the booster to learn from observation. Learning from more experienced boosters can help the editor in developing good boosting skills and using good judgment.
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    Provide some tips about what to promote and what to demote. Demotion should be done on articles that require too much work to be published on the live site (for example, they would benefit from a lot more information to be helpful to readers). Promotion should be done on articles that meet our quality standards and are helpful enough to readers. Some articles might even be helpful enough to earn a Rising Star.
    • If an article is helpful but needs work to meet our standards, such as copyediting, formatting, or removal of personal references, the best way to go would be to polish the article up and promote it.
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    Encourage the booster to reach out to new authors. A significant part of the boosting process is reaching out to new authors and providing feedback so that they can learn how to become good wikiHow authors.
    • A good place for the booster to practice reaching out to authors is through the Article Review Team. You could have the booster put that page on their watchlist and get back to you once he or she has replied to an article review team note; then you could provide feedback from there.

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