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An existential part of any child's trip to Disneyland will always include meeting with characters at Disneyland. Whether it's Donald, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella or Mickey, it's a child's dream to meet and talk with the character. This article can explain how they can meet with them, so they can fulfill one dream they have and be able to cross it off their "bucket list" of things to do before they die.


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    Look towards the Times Guide you can pick up at the park's entrance. This will help you find out which character will be found on hand at which time on any given day of the year. While a few characters can be found on premises each day, not all characters make an appearance, and the Times Guide will be able to tell you which ones you can see. Plan your times ahead of schedule, if there is a special character you'd like to see. Try to prevent meltdowns from beginning just by reading this schedule.
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    Try to plan your day around a schedule that is set up to meet with the characters.
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    Try to determine well in advance where the characters you are intending to meet can be found, so that you waddle over to the area with your kids, so they can meet with the characters in a way they feel most comfortable meeting with them. At some points of the day, characters can be found in their house in Toontown USA (near Fantasyland).
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    Know when and where they make special appearances. Some characters, especially classic Mickey and even sometimes Minnie, make special appearances around hundreds of thousands of fans in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.
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    Know the difference between the classic characters and those of the special characters that may have been jazzed up for other occasions. These other characters may meet and sign kids books with the same name, but some kids become reluctant to see these characters when they don't look the same as what they are shown in movies and television.
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    Don't look to meet many characters in some areas of Disneyland's California Adventure Theme Park. While some may make a few special appearances, this park is meant for the older crowd and adults, and few times characters don't think they may interact with kids in that specific park.
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    Walk with your kids around the park in the direction of the area the character is to be expected to meet with guests on the given day.
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    Realize that some characters may not even be staged in any of the areas, and some may be walking the park much like you, the guest, do. Some will walk and hope to catch your gleaming eye.
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    Have an autograph book, camera and pen ready if you find this situation to be happening with the character nearby. However, when one child finds a character, most children speak up loud enough that other kids nearby will visit and character meets become "scenes".
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    Have the child interact with the character, if the character doesn't have other children nearby. Some are more than willing to talk with the children than others. Don't let your child (or the child inside you) be discouraged if the character isn't allowed to say anything back. Some non-face characters are told not to speak with children for obvious reasons of breaking character, while most face characters (as Disney calls them) are more than willing to talk with most guests they encounter during the day. Non-face characters talk using hand actions and body language. They can still talk in their own way.
    • However, don't plan to take up the characters entire time, if the character is able to speak with your child. They can answer a question or two, but they'll need to consult with other fans too. Don't let your children feel insulted if the character answers a question and then walks off or talks with other children.


  • Don't ever ask a Disneyland character to tell you where (the restrooms or special places in the park) are. They may be someone to talk to, but they expect you to read signs or consult with other employees of the park. Most don't feel telling others where these things are, are part of their job description. Meeting fans is a part of their job description, and answering questions from adults, most characters won't want to release.
  • Don't ask one character where another character is at any time. Most don't know. If no one seems to know, ask a park employee and they'll be sure to tell you where to find that character at the given time. If your child asks where a certain character is, especially if the character is from the character you are meeting's movie, then most likely, your child will receive an in character response from them.
  • Always approach a character from in front of them. By about the time the child is comfortably within a foot and a half away (as some sources say), the character will notice that a child has approached and will be ready to tackle the challenge at hand.
  • Never approach a character that the child says is too scary for them to meet. Although some kids are thrilled to meet them face-to-face, some kids are adamant in that some characters are scarier than others. Let your child "call the shots" and tell you whether or not they'd like to meet with them.
  • Unless your children aren't mobile enough to get up and walk around, take your children out of their stroller and have them walk up to the character to meet with them.

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