How to Meditate on Consciousness

Silence is healing. Silence is creative. Silence is necessary. Regular meditation is a way to clear your mind from clutter of thoughts, a way to train concentration and to focus on specific themes. It is a way to Quiet Mind.


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    Sit Comfortably with Your Back Straight. You can sit in a lotus, half-lotus, or on a chair, with the back straight, not touching the wall, with palms on your lap, eyes closed, tip of the tongue touching the top of the mouth, with lips slightly opened.
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    Relax. Our Mind is constantly active. Seeking stillness within the Mind that is in motion is impossible if you do not use the motion itself. The art of meditation is the art of stillness. Prepare the space, light candles, burn incenses and sit still, without any motion, relax to enter the world of visualization and concentration.
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    Concentrate. With the closed eyes sit comfortably and follow your breathing for a moment. Your awareness should be focused on your breath, nothing else just the breath in and the breath out. Your breathing should be deep and slow. Allow the breath to relax your body and to deepen your stillness.
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    Visualize. Chose an object of Beauty that is a symbol of Consciousness… Focus your mind on light (candle flame or imagined light), on feeling of love, feeling of peace, or pure consciousness, allowing the mind to keep ‘busy’ while we connect with the source of power, love, peace and knowledge using the powerful imagery of light, love, peace.
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    Expand. Allow your body to disappear, your mind to dissolve, open, expand and become one with the Divine Consciousness. All is One. You are One. All is Love. You are Love. Soul consciousness is the state we experience when we meditate, when our awareness shifts from body and becomes an observer. It is a state of a silent witness. Entering cosmic consciousness we realize that we are not the mind nor the body and that we can transcend space and time. Entering divine consciousness brings to us the sense of One in All and All in One, the sense of expansion, the presence of Divinity in our hearts. The Self becomes the Pure Consciousness, the Oneness, or Unity. Like a drop of water that is finally merging with the ocean, allow your-self to disappear and merge with Divine.
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    Quiet Mind and Meditation. After about 30min of relaxation, concentration, visualization, expansion, enter stillness, enter meditation. The meditation has no thoughts, no feelings, no images. Entering meditation, you enter the pure consciousness and bliss.
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    Sat Chit Ananda (i.e. Satchitananda). Existence, Consciousness, Bliss. The mediator or the yogi becomes one with Pure Consciousness. The individual becomes Purusha (Divine), the Soul is within its True Nature, the yogi enters Samadhi.


  • Chanting mantras might help you still your mind.
  • Meditate regularly. Meditation is a training and should have its time in your life.
  • If you have problems sitting straight, sit on the edge of a cushion.
  • If your diet is sentient (vegetarian that also avoids eating onions, garlic and mushrooms) you will have much easier time meditating.


  • Don't meditate with a full stomach.

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