How to Measure Chair Covers

Chair slipcovers can be one of the most economical ways to revitalize your room d├ęcor. Available in most sizes, shapes, textures, and colors, slipcovers can be purchased at a fraction of the cost it would take to buy new furniture and you can still end up with a room that looks brand new. Whether you purchase ready-made or custom-designed options, knowing how to measure chair covers can be a crucial step to ensure that your new look is properly fitting and beautifully done.


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    Identify what chairs you want to wrap. You need to know whether you are measuring chair covers for only 1 corner piece or an entire room.
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    Determine what type of furniture covers you want. Know what style and pattern you want to emulate so you know where to purchase the covers. You may also want to set an expected budget since some materials are more expensive than others.
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    Use a tape measure, and measure the top of the first chair's back. Extend the tape measure to the ground. This number is considered the height of the chair.
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    Measure the distance from 1 end of the widest part of the back to the other. This measurement is the chair's width.
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    Record the chair's depth. Run your tape measure from the chair's backrest to the front of the seat.
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    Determine the leg spread or leg width of the chair. Measure the distance from 1 of the back leg rests to the other.
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    Compare your measurements to ready-made chair cover options available. You can visit many home-decorating stores in-person or shop online to find the covers that best suit your needs. If you cannot locate covers that fulfill your sizing requirements, you can have the covers custom-made by a local tailor or online supply company.
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    Purchase the chair covers, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing them on your chairs.


  • Keep in mind that 1 size does not fit all, although many packages claim they do. The tighter the fit of your chair covers, the more appealing the finished look. Don't settle for options that are too tight or too loose.
  • These same measurement techniques can be applied to a sofa if you are also looking to use a slipcover to redecorate the couch. Record the height, width, and length in the same manner, and look for covers that are designed for couches.
  • If you are afraid your measurements may be inaccurate or don't know how a particular cover will look in your home, consider purchasing only 1 cover to start. Bring it home as a sample, and try it on 1 of your chairs before purchasing covers for an entire room. Make sure to review the store's return policy before opening the packaging so you know what you must do if you wish to return it.

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