How to Maximise Your PCAT Scores

They say when you aim for the moon, you can surely land among the stars. As you prepare for the PCAT, your aim would be cracking the test with a decent score and getting admission in your favorite pharmacy college. To make your dream come true, you need to strive hard and put your relentless efforts to maximize your exam score. You cannot prepare for such a competitive examination like PCAT just in one day. You should put your 100% effort to make sure that you take the examination confidently and get good scores for your examination. However, at times, the candidates succumb to pressure and give up mid way. If you are one of the students who is having trouble to deal with the exam pressure, you need not worry. Every cloud has a silver lining and you need to make sure that you prepare for the examination in the right way to be successful in your endeavor. Hence, by following some simple tips, you can maximise your PCAT scores and ensure a better result at the end of the day.


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    Stick To A Proper Study Schedule: Before you start your preparation, you should stick to a proper study schedule. A timetable would help you to plan out your study methodically and you can be more confident as far as handling the pressure of the examination is concerned. You need to decide beforehand, how much time would you like to devote to your study on a single day. No matter what comes in your way, stick to your plan. A study schedule would take care of the fact that you complete your work on time.
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    Research And Self Study Helps: After you know the syllabus of PCAT, all you need to do is, start studying the chapters and your course. While you are studying the subjects, make sure that you gather enough information about each chapter so that at the end of the day, you are confident about your study. Be it e-books, reference books or any other medium, you need to have a thorough knowledge about everything in your syllabus. While studying, if you come across certain problems, feel free to take help from your seniors or the experts in this field. You can also resort to the Internet and get the information you want. Self Study helps to cultivate your inner skills and tackle situations in the face of adversity.
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    Understanding Is More Important Than Memorizing: Your PCAT examination would test your aptitude. Hence, understanding the subjects would help you rather than memorizing them. The disadvantage of memorizing anything is that, if you forget a single word, you would forget the entire thing. Hence, it is important that you understand, analyze, and comprehend all that you study. Once you get the crux of the subjects, there would not be any requirement of learning things by heart.
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    Ask Questions: It is not necessary that you know every pros and cons of the examination. There are seven sections in the PCAT, which includes two writing sections. When you are studying a section, it might so happen that you are confused about certain things. Feel free to ask questions. During your study time, suppose you are reading a chapter, you should ask questions to yourself as well, in order to ensure that you have understood the chapters well. Ask questions like why, how, what and then try to find out the answer. In this way, you would be able to analyze and comprehend the subjects that you study.
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    Practice Test Papers: To maximise your PCAT scores, you should practice as many test papers as you can. Practicing test papers would enable you to know the pattern of the question that you are going to face in the examination. On the other hand, regular practice would help you get a control over time while answering your questions. Sit with a stopwatch when you are solving a paper. Initially, you might not be able to complete the paper within the allocated time. However, with regular practice, you can improve yourself.
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    Revise: Owing to lack of preparation, often students enter the examination with a fatalistic attitude like helpless victims. However, if you really want to crack the test, you should be serious about your study. Go through your study materials as many times as you can in order to remember the principles, theories, and formulas of a subject. For writing sections, you need to practice writing essays to make sure that you do not write any vague or meaningless statements in your actual examination. Revision would enable you to remember and recapitulate the subjects that you have studied.
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    Self Motivation: Self motivation is an important factor when it comes to studying for an examination like PCAT. You need to combat the fear and deal with all your stress. To keep the rhythm and flow of your exam preparation alive, you should motivate yourself to perform better each day.
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    Evaluate Yourself: Self evaluation is necessary for the candidates who are preparing for any examination. You are aware of your academic background. Hence, in that case, you would know it better if you can handle the subjects and your rigorous studies. You need to assess yourself so that you know your strengths and weaknesses. If you are aware of your standing, then surely you can improve yourself. Try to outshine your previous performances whenever you are practicing a test paper. With regular practice, you would be able to master the art of test taking and increase your PCAT scores.
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    Manage Your Time In The Exam Hall: Make sure you adhere to the time allocated for each section. As soon as you finish answering a question, move on to the next question. If you cannot answer a question, leave it for the time being and come back to it later (if you have spare time after answering all the questions). Answer the easy questions at first, and as there is no negative marking in the examination, make sure that you answer all the questions. Lastly, go through your answer sheet and revise your answer sheet to make sure that you have not made any silly mistakes.


  • Only a perfect plan would not fetch you anything. You need to learn how to implement your plan. You can only achieve your goal when you implement your plan.
  • At the end of the day, it is your life and only you can take full control of the situations that life throws at you. Take your won responsibility and be independent to make your own decisions. If you feel that you will crack the examination, then make sure that you put your best foot forward and deal with the atrocities of circumstances and time.
  • A perfect strategy and proper planning are all that you need to ensure that you have a systematic preparation. The same method applies during the actual examination as well. Failure and success are the two coins of life. All that you need to do is, make sure that you plan well to achieve your dream. However, try to make a flexible plan, so that you can change it in undesirable circumstances.


  • Take study breaks, whenever you feel that you are bogged down by your study. A study break would ensure that you retain your enthusiasm, concentrate on your study with a fresh mind, and stimulate your brain for longer hours.
  • Take care of your health by maintaining a proper diet. Get enough sleep and try to relax. You cannot perform well under heavy pressure and lot of burden. Hence, you need to be tension free and make the best of your study phase.

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