How to Master a Quarter Pipe

Even if you're new to skateboarding, you probably already discovered that some tricks and riding environments are easier than others. Mastering the quarter pipe goes beyond skating on a flat surface, and takes a lot of practice to get right. These are the simple steps for mastering a quarter pipe.


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    Put your wheels right off the edge of the quarter pipe. Make sure the wheels are pressing up against the coping (the metal pipe that goes along the edge).
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    Place the foot that you kick with (your back foot) on the tail edge of your board. Make sure all your weight is on this foot when setting up. Otherwise you will drop your board.
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    Place your front foot on the front set of screws. It should cover them. Your foot can be angled slightly, but when starting out keep it perpendicular to the skateboard.
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    Lean forward while applying lots of pressure to the front foot. The board should slam down to the quarter pipe. Ensure you don't lean forward too much. If you do, you will almost definitely loose balance and slam. Also make sure you don't lean back too much. If you do this you will end up doing a manual (front two wheels in the air while back two remain on the ground), and slamming the back of your head. Make sure your knees are bent when you do this.
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    When nearing the end of the quarter pipe, push into the pipe with your back leg. This is not necessary when first learning, but it is a good habit to get into as it helps the skateboarder gain speed.
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    Practice like crazy! It'll take a lot of practice over time to really master the quarter pipe. Keep it up, and you'll get there.
    • Once you've mastered the basic technique for hitting the quarter pipe, you can branch out and start including tricks in the routine.


  • If you are a beginner, try starting off on a bank rather than a full on quarter pipe. The instructions are identical.
  • Put two quarter pipes facing each other for a half pipe.
  • Put two quarter pipes back to back for a spine ramp.
  • Don't hesitate-just ensure you don't lean too far forward or back.
  • Bend your knees!


  • Make sure to keep you balance.
  • When starting off, make sure you wear a helmet.

Things You'll Need

  • Helmet
  • Skateboard
  • Quarter-pipe
  • Elbow and knee pads (optional)

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