How to Market Your Services

The main objective for any business is to promote and sell their product or service. Businesses normally increase their marketing budgets in the beginning of the year and end up spending the most in the first quarter. One of the largest expenses for any business owner is their marketing budget which pushes their service promotion into the hands of potential customers. Here are the steps to promoting your service in a variety of advertising avenues. These steps will help to bring new customers in the door and continue company growth.


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    Advertise your service in television commercials. Television advertisements can also be rather targeted by placing your ads during shows that the watchers would fit your targeted demographics. As an example, if you are advertising a product to a child or household with children, placing your ad between cartoon shows would allow you to reach your desired audience. You also have the advantage of running ads locally. A commercial will want to be creative and eyecatching. It is important to always include a phone number, website address if available, and address during the entire commercial. A big advantage with a TV commercial is that you are able to hit a large audience in a very short amount of time.
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    Promote your service on billboards. Billboards seem to work well for local businesses working to capture people driving through an area. It is common for restaurants to advertise off highways to get customers off the road and into their establishment. A great advantage to billboard advertising is the cost is rather inexpensive. It is also more likely that a person would pass that billboard multiple times and see the advertisement multiple times, thus they would remember it better than an ad they saw only once in any other advertising form.
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    Promote your service in a radio spot. Radio advertising is similar to television advertising only not giving a visual perspective. Radio advertising does give you the advantage of targeting your message to a specific group of listeners. You can target your advertisement to country listeners, rock, etc. Another advantage is that in a radio ad the message is coming directly from the person’s mouth.
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    Promote your business service on the internet. Online marketing is becoming more and more popular. People are constantly using their computers and smart phones online. There are also many forms of online marketing. There are online directories, search engines, and social media sites. The popularity of online marketing will continue to grow in popularity. A great advantage to online marketing is that it is readily available for anyone searching for your product. It also allows customers to leave reviews for other potential customers to read.
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    Mail flyers about your business service to a targeted audience. A direct marketing list is a great option to when it comes to growing your business. This form of marketing allows you to target your message to people that will have an interest in your product or service. There are several marketing lists available including consumer mailing lists, business lists, residential lists and specialty databases. Whether you are using direct mail, telemarketing and/or email marketing, it is important to have a call to action in your mail piece with a deadline. This helps to motivate your audience to act fast. You can purchase any direct mailing lists from a list broker or compiler.


  • Be sure to always stay within your budget. Marketing dollars can be spent very rapidly and should be budgeted properly.

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