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A stub is an article that is not complete and needs more information. It is important to recognize an article as a stub, so that editors can help to make it better. If you find an unmarked stub, follow these steps to help others edit the article.


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    Put some thought into whether the article is a stub or incomplete. If it is a stub, it has a good beginning and end, but not very much content and needs more. There is also a difference between stubs and short articles. If it is incomplete, the article does not have a very good end and/or cuts off somewhere. Remember that what may seem to you as a stub is another editor's hard work. If after reading the article you were left confused, unsure, or in doubt, the article should be marked as a stub.
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    Click either the "Edit" or "Edit Article" hypertexts at the top of the article. This will bring you to the edit page where you can edit the article.
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    Before the introduction, type {{stub|date=2015-03-05}} replacing "2015-03-05" with the current date. This is the template that will mark and categorize the article as a stub.
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    Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click the button in the middle of the bottom of the page that is labeled as "Preview". There should be a large notice at the top of the preview screen saying that the article is a stub. If not, start over and try again. Make sure you publish it if you still want to before you leave the page, unless you'd like to edit more. If you the "stub" notice doesn't show, select "Edit" and try again, this time double-checking the template tag.
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    Type an edit summary in the box that says "Edit summary", and then click the "Publish" button, to the left of the "Preview" button, to save your changes. An editor or two should soon expand the article marked as a stub to reach its full potential. You can also attempt to expand the article a little bit yourself, and then leave the rest of it for another editor or two.


  • If you see an article that is a stub, please make it better so it is no longer a stub.
  • If you can, edit the article so that you do not have to mark it as a stub.
  • You do not have to put the date of the day in the template if you don't want to - the date will automatically be added to the template when the page is saved.


  • Do not mark random articles as stubs. It's not funny, it's annoying, and will probably get you blocked if it's persistent.

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