How to Manual Easily on a Skateboard

Pulling a manual is a basic trick you will need to learn as a stepping stone to more difficult tricks, such as this nose manual. But you will be starting off with the basic manual, and with a few simple rules of thumb, and a lot of practice you can master it easily. In fact, it is one of the first tricks a beginner should learn which can be incorporated into many other tricks and can be sustained for long periods. If it gets trickier, you can also stall into a manual and flip out or into it, making that another trick you can add to your arsenal once the ACTUAL manual is learned and mastered. Here are some good steps on how to do it and also some tips to help you if you still can't get it down.


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    Get good foot position. Have the edge of your back foot nicely lined up with the tail, but with your shoe still completely on the board except your heel. As this is all about balance and endurance, you will need to keep a proper stance throughout the entire manual.It will shift as your weight does and the ground surface changes depending on inclines or declines. Stay on the balls of your feet and your toes and strain them hard when you actually start the manual.
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    Your front foot should be right on the bolts. Others may prefer it at any other area of the nose of the board, but I believe you are widening your stance and allowing too much pressure on the nose if too far up, which could cause a wipe-out when you push down too hard if it is not taken back to the bolts quick enough. So I advise keeping the front foot on the bolts until you learn the manual better, then you can adapt it to your style.
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    Now put a slight amount of pressure on the tail while lifting your front foot with the board underneath touching it firmly. it should be pushing against your front foot quite hard from the pressure from your back foot. As you feel the balance between these 2 pressures you will also have to put your hands up and balance as well as you can, it will take a while to actually feel the balance and also be able to physically sustain that stance for the period the manual is performed.
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    Lean your upper torso more so forward than our hips and legs and shift your weight forward when it is needed, as gravity will being pulling you backwards, but also you can shift back if too much weight if shifted. And you must find that 50/50 ratio of balance which is genuinely tricky to hold for long periods, especially without a decline.
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    Then when you are done, or cannot hold the trick any longer just let push back down and roll away like usual.


  • Balance on your board has a lot to do with your truck tightness, the tighter the straighter and the better balance in all four degrees of the board, especially left to right if the board were facing "nose away".
  • Don't think about it too much, just do it, feel the board connected to your feet, let it just flow naturally and let your feet feel the pressure needed while maintaining your body in its best position, the best thing to help balance is your arms, keep them up and level, hands never balled, just flat or out. Picture balancing on the edge of a wave as its crashing under you, basically it feels like surfing on cement, if it is smooth enough, and smoothness is what you need for a proper manual.
  • Do manuals on smooth cement, or if your good enough go to a hill, preferably not a steep one as going 20 mph (32 km/h) down a hill and trying to manual will get you killed( I almost learned that the hard way). If you live in Western America or Canada they have some amazingly long hills that go on forever, something to consider, but be safe when on roads and doing a manual at higher speeds, consider bringing a spotter to watch for cars.
  • Learn to do a stationary manual may help, try it on grass or carpet and just stand in the pressure points to manual but stationary, some say its easier to roll with it than stationary. I prefer rolling opposed to stationary as it is all about muscle control, which will help in both cases. So practice stationary manuals whenever you have the time.


  • Advise to wear a helmet pads on elbows probably too, but everything else should be fine.
  • Children (12 and younger, especially): Should be wearing all protection including shin pads, knee pads, helmet and also a mouth guard if your child is particularly fond of doing tricks, if not they should be fine without one.

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