How to Manage College Life

College life is a unique experience. It provides exposure to the real world. Apart from courses, it teaches you many things which are of great importance in life. For many students, it is the very first time they learn to leave their homes for further studies. It is the time to enjoy youth and the best time of your life. College life can be difficult to handle at times. But with some precautions and sticking to positive routine you can easily manage your college life and achieve your respective goals. Read out the following article to know How to Manage College Life:


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    Make a routine. A routine life is important in every way, but for college student it plays a crucial role. They have much to do in a very little time including extra jobs like projects,internships, etc. After you create a routine, stick to it.
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    Stay away from bad habits. It is the time when youth are attracted towards new things. They are often get drawn towards [1] drugs and most of the times, get addicted to it. Such bad habits are very difficult to quit and leave you with serious diseases and an unhealthy lifestyle. Avoid bad habits, at times you may feel inferior but you will realize that it was a good step.
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    Stop procrastinating. Procrastination is a major problem at this stage and it should be avoided. If you have a habit of postponing work to be done, then you must leave that habit. Procrastination causes stress and frustration which affects you mentally and physically. You should complete your assigned projects on time. This will not left you with any pressure at last moment, plus it will evoke the confidence and accomplishment in you.
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    Try something creative. Apart from studying college course, you may indulge in various kinds of social works. [Image:2014 09 02 02.32.13.jpg|center|403px]]
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    Have a good company. It is better to be surrounded with people with positive attitude and people with same interest as you. Try to make some good friend as you join the college.


  • Make a list of important things to be done and do it in preference.
  • Commit to your words.
  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Meet new people, make new friends.
  • Enrich yourself with new knowledge.
  • Widen your social circle
  • Avoid unhealthy routine and habits

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