How to Manage an Ad Agency

The advertising industry is competitive and demanding, so effective advertising agency management is essential to stay ahead of your competitors. Here are some strategies on how to manage an ad agency.


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    Develop a strong mission statement.
    • Manage an advertising agency using a strong mission statement that stresses the importance of excellence and meeting client goals according to industry standards and trends. Emphasize this mission to employees so it influences every task they complete.
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    Focus on client satisfaction.
    • An advertising agency can't be successful without satisfied clients, so maintain this as your primary management goal. Meeting the needs of individual clients requires you and your staff to pay attention to client concerns and give each project individual attention according to the size and nature of the project.
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    Educate employees continuously.
    • Manage ad agency staff successfully by encouraging them to continuously expand their skill set within the industry by taking courses and completing further advertising education.
    • Sign up for regular seminar sessions, like the ones offered by Fortune and Forbes, that offer news and education about advertising industry trends and changes.
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    Recruit new talent.
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    Recent college graduates will provide a fresh perspective on the advertising industry. Manage your ad agency by establishing an internship program with colleges and universities that offer advertising or business degrees, so you can recruit fresh talent for your staff.
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    Consider freelancers.
    • Freelance advertising designers can bring new talent to your agency for specific projects. Working with freelance staff can open your agency up to dealing with new markets and clients.
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    Stay informed about the industry.
    • Sign up for regular newsletters that contain information about news and trends related to the advertising industry and ad agency management. Educating yourself will equip you with the knowledge you need to effectively manage your team.
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    Establish budget guidelines.
    • Keep ad agency projects within a budget that is practical for you and still meets the needs of your client. Meet with agency accounting staff regularly to assess the firm's spending and correct any overspending.
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    Meet with staff regularly.
    • Hold meetings as a group or meet with individual departments within the agency on a regular basis. This will allow you to brief the staff on news, discuss any interoffice issues or problems and help you establish your position as a manager.
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    Focus on your clients.
    • Choose one market or niche group of clients to focus on. Establishing a successful reputation for your agency in 1 or 2 key markets will allow you to expand into larger markets and attract clients with bigger advertising projects.
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    Utilize e-mail.
    • You can send inspirational messages, updates about important clients and projects and obtain status reports about upcoming deadlines.

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