How to Manage a Citrus Tree Nursery

Citrus tree nurseries are usually found in temperature climates, such as the southern United States and Mexico. Maintaining the health of the plants in the nursery and ensuring that the facility is profitable can require a great deal of time and energy. Understanding how to manage a citrus tree nursery will ensure that your nursery remains healthy for years to come and repeatedly yields bountiful crops.


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    Familiarize yourself with the citrus plants and trees being grown.
    • Though citrus trees may seem to have a lot of common, significant differences between breeds and varieties do exist. Learn how much water, sunlight, and fertilizer is required to support the citrus trees under your care.
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    Make alternations in environmental quality.
    • If the citrus trees in your nursery require more water, fertilizer, or sun exposure than is currently being provided, it is up to you as the nursery manager to change this.
    • Increase the water supply of the citrus trees through automatic irrigation systems or additional manpower. Adjust soil pH by increasing or decreasing the amount of fertilizer provided to the trees. Finally, sunlight exposure can be managed through the addition or removal of overhead canopies.
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    Supervise the health of the trees. Walk through the citrus tree nursery at least once per week to examine the trees for signs of disease or damage.
    • Broken limbs, dry leaves, and discolorations are all possible signs of citrus tree illness or damage by weather or other environmental causes.
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    Pay attention to changes in weather, especially extreme cold spells.
    • Citrus trees are typically fickle when it comes to cold weather. Watch the local weather predictions on a daily basis, and be prepared to cover the trees quickly when a freeze warning is issued. Covering citrus trees can be a time consuming task, so invoke the assistance of other employees when possible.
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    Delegate tasks to other employees at the citrus tree nursery.
    • Though you as the manager of the citrus tree nursery, are in charge of the entire facility, it is impossible to perform all duties required to keep it operating. Determine which tasks are not manageable for you, and assign these tasks to employees. Make sure that each employee is familiar with the task assigned before he or she performs it on their own.
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    Market to your customer base through appropriate channels.
    • Without customers, your citrus tree nursery will go out of business quickly. Determine who your customers are, and advertise directly to them. If your main customers are individual community members, running television commercials, placing ads on the radio, and putting up billboards is ideal.
    • In contrast, if you are marketing to larger commercial organizations, such as schools, restaurants, and other retailers, making phone calls, sending emails, and scheduling interviews is appropriate.

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