How to Makeover a Master Bedroom on a Budget

You've decided your room just doesn't fit your needs. It doesn't go along with your hobbies and likings. And, you have a limited amount of money to spend! This article will help you create a designer-look bedroom, cheaply!


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    Consider buying a new bed. If you want to get a new bed, don't go king or queen sizes. Try out a double. A double is big enough for you and your mate (if you have one), and can be as cheap as one hundred dollars or equivalent.
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    Look for sheets for kids. Try teen bedding, and you can find tons of (just as) mature bedding. And, children's bedding is often so much cheaper, my little pony bed sheets at 28, why not! (Unless they specialize for children)
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    Make or buy wall art. Do you like to show off your creative (and possibly artistic) side? If so, you must want wall art. But paintings and designs are SO expensive! Well, you can get original-artist paintings at They often have sales, too! Then provide all sorts of wall art.
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    Buy cheap furniture. You may want new furniture, especially since it's been beat up over the years. Try Target, which has many sales and is, quite frankly, cheap! They have lots of selection, from shelves to desks to nightstands. Second hand shops are a good option too.
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    Add some floral elements. If you enjoy that fresh look of gorgeous flowers, they also take lots of time to maintain! For rare-looking and pretty flowers, just buy plastic ones. This sounds cheap, but if you purchase at the right place, a bouquet of them can cost 5 bucks.
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    Display some china, ceramics or pottery. If you enjoy pottery, you may want some extra inspiration, aside from your already-created masterpieces. If you head down to Target or Walmart, they have pretty vases in all sorts of shapes and colors, starting at 3 dollars.
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    Consider lighting. Night lamps? No problem! Check out Target's store and website. They have a hunk of colors, if not every single one. They also last long, and you just place in some batteries! (Switches come in different types)
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    Buy a new computer. If you want a new laptop, don't always assume you must have a Macintosh computer. You can always pick a different kind! You can get the same great quality in a Dell. The cheapest computers I've ever seen are Fujitsu. They can be as low as one hundred and fifty dollars. And, what's the difference? Macs are just gadgets that you can get free if you have Google Chrome.
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    Get a Tv. For a TV, flat screens aren't so important. You can get a perfectly square, high-definition plasma screen for about 50 dollars cheaper. Stores will constantly try to get more out of you.
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    Fill up your master bedroom desk. You might find that you have beat up desk supplies, like notebooks or staplers. You may have run out of tape, and markers or sharpies can be running out of ink. Go to places like Office Depot, Staples, and Walmart for a huge selection of desk/school supplies. You can even get clear plastic binders and regular binders.


  • Fujitsu computers can be purchased at Fry's Electronics and Best Buy.
  • go to a pound store if your on a budget

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