How to Make Your School a Better Place

No school is perfect. Hardly any student could say they have no complaints about their school. It's easy to sit around with your classmates and complain about it all, but that isn't going to help things. Instead of expecting the staff to do something, why don't you try to do something yourself? This article will teach you different ways you can make your school a better place for every student.


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    Welcome the new kids. Being a new kid is tough-- especially if you're shy or insecure. New kids don't know how to navigate the school, they're not familiar with school rules, and they are surrounded by strangers. If you've ever been a new kid, you know how hard it is. So be friendly with the new kids. Greet them. Ask if they need any help or advice. Show them around. Introduce them to nice people who could become their friends. You yourself might make a good friend in this process.
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    Stand up for kids who get bullied. Most schools love to talk the talk: "No-bullying zone!" "Be a buddy, not a bully!" Why, then, can most people say they have been bullied in school? Simple. Either the teachers have no idea or they don't want to stir up a fuss. Take it upon yourself to combat bullying. When you see bullying-in-progress, say something. Have a few like-minded people with you to make you seem more authoritative. Report any bullying you see. If teachers don't want to do anything, take it to the principal, then the superintendent. If nobody on your school's staff wants to do anything, go to the media. The media is great for bringing attention to injustice.
    • If your friend is being a bully, don't condone it. At first, give them a friendly warning. If the bullying is serious or they refuse to stop, confront them about it.
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    Hang out with lonely people. Sit with the shy girl at lunch. Chat with the autistic kid. Work with the teen mom on classwork. You could very well make someone's day—or even save a life.
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    Take action to improve the building. If the classrooms desperately need repainting, ask the principal if you and some others can bring in paint and paint a classroom every weekend. Start a fundraiser to repair the air conditioners. You can do something as little as make posters to put in the hallway.
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    Help the school community. You could hold food drives and fundraisers. If one of your classmates is undergoing chemo, give her a care package. If one of your classmates' house gets flooded and his family can't afford to fix the damage, start a fundraiser to pay for it.
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    Be prepared when classmates are in need. Carry extra pencils and snacks, in case a fellow student forgets his pencils or lunch money. Have tissues on hand in case someone has an emotional breakdown.
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    Get others to join you. There are a lot of things you can't do alone, so recruit some friends and acquaintances to help you in your efforts. This will also help your kindness spread even further than the walls of the school.


  • Don't favor some people over others. If the really weird kid from Biology forgot his lunch, pass him a couple dollars to buy one.

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