How to Make Your Room a Hangout Spot (Teen Girls)

Do you want your friends to hang out at your place more often? If you have a really lame bedroom, they may not be keen on coming over. Getting great decorations, having some awesome music on hand, and providing snacks are all ways to entice your friends to hang out in your room. Keep reading for more instructions on making your room a cool place to hang out.


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    Pick a theme for your room. All good rooms have a theme- it ties the room together. There are so many different possibilities when it comes to themes, so you're sure to find one that you like. Some ideas for themes are:
    • Retro
    • Plaid
    • Your favorite color
    • Your favorite band
    • Paris (or another city)
    • Japan (or another country)
    • Music
    • Your favorite movie (Twilight, etc.)
    • Animals
      • If you don't like these themes, think up your own. Be creative and make it something that you love! After all, it is your room. Make it into the room of your dreams!
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    Paint your room. If you like the colour that your room is right now, keep it. If not, paint it! If your room theme is a colour, paint your room that colour. If your room theme is Paris, for example, paint a mural on your wall of the Eiffel tower (or hire a pro to do it for you). You could also use wallpaper on your walls, but it can be really hard to remove.
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    Get a cool bedspread. Try to make this match your theme. If you have a plaid theme, buy a plaid bedspread. If your theme is Justin Bieber, buy a bedspread with his face on it. You may not be able to find the bedspread that you want, but be creative. Not everything in your room has to fit with your room exactly. Just make sure that the colour of your bedspread complements the other colours of your room.
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    Toss pillows! These are super cool and really make your room look comfortable and cool. Pile toss pillows on your bed to add to the cozy atmosphere. Get some that match the theme of your room, or some that are in your favorite colors or shapes! This will make your bed really cozy and cool!
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    Add chairs, beanbags, couches, or whatever matches best with your theme. This way, your friends can flop down into a chair rather than crisscross applesauce on the floor! Put a toss pillow or two on your chairs to make them seem comfier!
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    Get some cool lighting. Buy a lamp or two so that you have some light in your room. Buy some cool lampshades that complement the colours/theme of your room. You can also hang some white fairy lights around your room if you want to add a glamorous touch, or hang up some lanterns for a modern look.
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    Get a cool fuzzy rug to put on the floor. Get ones in your favorite colours. You can buy a couple different ones and put them in different spots in your room!
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    Get a desk! Since you're a teenager, you're going to need a place to do homework on, so get yourself a desk. Desks can actually be a decoration of its own! Frame pictures of you and your friends/family/boyfriend, etc. and put them on your desk. Buy a jewelry holder and display your earrings on your desk. Put some candles on your desk too. Use it to display your mementos, trophies, pens...basically anything you want.
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    Get a bulletin board! This is a great way to add personality to your room. Display it on your wall and create a collage to go with your theme. Add photos, posters, drawings, pictures, anything you want! These are also really great as you can pin stuff up without damaging your wall.
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    Add music! Got an iPod or MP3 player? Turn it up and crank up the tunes! Or bring out your CD player and find a place to display your CD collection!
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    Spice up your room with random do-dads. Scarves and feather boas are great for framing a mirror, bulletin board, or photo. Beaded curtains can be put in doorways, and can also make cool curtains on your window! Be creative, but don't go too crazy and clutter up your room.
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    Put pictures in your room! Another good idea is to hang up artwork in your room. If you want something modern and cool, hang up some pop-art. If you want something soft and classy, hang up a picture of a flower.
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    Make your own stuff! See something that you like in a magazine that is too expensive? Try to create it yourself. Make picture frames, lampshades, bulletin boards, blankets, etc. This way it is you, and it matches your room.


  • Keep your room clutter-free! You don't want to clutter up your room with too much stuff. If you do, then it'll be harder to keep it tidy and it will look like a pigsty. Less is more!
  • Always be sure your room smells clean. Who wants to go into a room that smells like dirty socks or wet dog?
  • Keep in mind: this is your room, not your friends'. Customize it!
  • Spread out the pictures/posters on your walls, and make sure that you don't have too many of them. If your walls are cluttered, your whole room will seem cluttered!
  • It's a good idea to pick a light colour for your bedroom walls. Dark colours like black, dark green, and dark purple will make your room look smaller.
  • Always keep your room clean or else it would just seem cluttered and no one wants a cluttered room.
  • Ask a parent for permission before doing anything, especially going on a bedroom shopping spree. If you still live under their roof, you need to follow their rules.
  • Be sure that your parents approve of what is going in your room. if they don't, you might have to take it all down and start ALL over!
  • Spice it up with wall decor! You can get simple letters and use some simple things like string, paint, sparkles and gems to make it look exactly how you want it. You could have the letter of your first name!
  • Have your favorite prints and colors everywhere!
  • Have your room filled with bright colored pillows or stuffed animals. They make it more colorful and enjoyable.
  • Express yourself by adding the things that bring you joy to your life like put up paintings of Picasso if you love art or put up posters of Elvis if you are the rock n roll type of one!


  • Be careful with themes. What happens if you cover your room with Hannah Montana when you're seven, then hate it when fourteen?
  • Some tape will ruin the paint on your walls. When hanging up posters, buy craft tape from stores like Michael's, or use thumbtacks. Be aware that thumbtacks can leave marks on your walls.
  • Make sure your bedroom isn't too empty. If it is, add things like tables, book shelves, lamps,and storage cabinets.

Things You'll Need

  • A bed
  • Bedspread
  • Rug
  • Chairs
  • Pillows, blankets, sheets
  • Posters
  • Pictures
  • Art supplies- paint, craft tape, paint brushes,paint rollers
  • Stuffed animals/dolls (optional for a cozy look)
  • Window blinds/curtains/beads
  • Storage bins/under the bed bins/ stackable bins
  • Picture frames
  • Scarves, boas (optional)
  • Coat/hat rack (optional)

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