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The Man and Van Service industry is booming in the UK today. Since it is a convenient way to transport belongings and furniture from one place to another, people tend to opt for hiring such services rather than undertaking this Himalayan task on their own. In fact, in most cases, hiring a man and van service is far cheaper than renting a van on your own and incurring a plethora of additional costs in fuel and labor. The rising demand for the Man and Van service has made it a popular industry for a solo business. A successful self-employment always demands a comprehensive website that promotes the services provided. This article will help you create such a website.


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    Understand your industry. Many people confuse the Man and Van service with courier work, which focuses on delivering parcels to business addresses. The Man and Van industry, however, is usually involved in removals and furniture jobs within domestic addresses. Occasionally deliveries are done as well, but this is also within the domestic arena. Understand the work your Man and Van service will be hired to do, and do a little research into the existing market to identify any holes in the market, in terms of location, price, or specific services offered, that you could take advantage of.
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    Find the perfect van. Your Van will define your business so choose wisely. Luton Box Vans are the most common models used for transporting items within the domestic industry. You can opt to either purchase one new or secondhand, but whatever the option you choose, it is better to buy it outright than go for a lease. Select the exact van type according to the clientele that you are targeting. Transit-style vans are more suited for courier work, whereas a normal van with or without a tail will work fine for domestic transportation.
    • Decorate your van with the name of your company, your website, and a phone number or email address so that it serves as a means of advertisement for your company.
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    Set up your website with plenty of details. Your website should be a detailed advertisement of your business that affords customers the convenience of getting all the required information without having to go through the trouble of making telephone calls or email inquiries. Provide detailed information about your van and all the packages you can offer. Make sure your website clearly displays the costs, time, and hours of operation of each job as well.
    • Add pictures of your van, yourself, and any other employees to help your customers get to know your company.
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    Quote competitive prices. On your website, you should clearly describe services and packages, and include quotes for their prices. Always offer competitive rates. The prices in addition to being good value for money should be a notch less than those offered by the established brands in order to give your company a competitive edge in the market.
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    Make sure the website is attractive and well-designed. Your website should stand out above the rest, just like your company does. There are several professional companies that can help you create the ideal website using whatever form of multimedia that you prefer. Take your time and look around for a good site creator and using their help, design an attractive home page. Pay attention to things like navigation: it should be easy to get around your website and find what you're looking for in just a few clicks.
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    Advertise your website. Once you have established the groundwork, it is time to go public. Get ample business cards and flyers printed, and begin distributing them in public. Supermarkets and furniture shops are excellent spots to get a Man and Van business noticed, so post flyers in such locations. You can also get listed on online man and van websites for a small annual fee.
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    Get customer reviews. Once you have successfully carried out a few jobs, try asking your customers for a testimonial that you can put on your website. Testimonials carry a lot of weight these days, as people are far more confident reading the reviews of another customer than merely relying on the websites and marketing methods. Post positive reviews on your website, and learn from negative reviews, correcting the issues and behavior that your customers didn't like so that you can provide better services to future customers.
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    Introduce an online booking form. In addition to catering largely to a customer's convenience, the online booking form will make sure that you check your emails regularly and that the website is always kept up to date. You can even add a schedule onto your site; this way, customers will know exactly when you are available to work for them.

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