How to Make Your Makeup Last

Its frustrating to see the makeup that was so impeccable in the morning melt by lunchtime. Foundation vanishes, liner smudges, lashes flake and lip colour fades--all too soon. Keeping a fresh face is an impossible battle.

Well, no more! This simple guide is dedicated to offering the best tips available to fix your makeup firmly in place. You will have all you need to preserve that flawless face from dawn to dusk!


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    Cleanse your skin thoroughly. A quick splash of cold water in the morning will not do the job. Choose an appropriate cleanser that will purify your pores. If your skin is prone to greasiness, invest in a quality sebum control product to reduce oil. Always remember that makeup will not stay or even reach its full potential if it is placed on a dirty canvas.
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    Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. A standard cleanser will not remove dead skin as a gentle exfoliator will.
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    If you have dry skin, apply an appropriate moisturizer that meets your needs. Research and purchase a natural lotion if possible, so as to avoid weakening and tiring your skin with excessive chemicals.
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    Wear primer. Primer is the makeup artist's secret weapon. A high quality primer smooths the skin's surface, adds radiance and keeps foundation in place throughout the day. However, primer is very miniaturizing, so unless you have exceptionally dry or tolerant skin, forgo the second step if you are planning to apply it.
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    Remember that, when applying your foundation, little is always better. Choose the best match for your skin not only in shade but in type as well. A perfect fit will ensure your foundation is effective. Test how your skin absorbs the product. Does your skin need a creamier foundation or will a thinner one suffice? Always wear foundation and concealer only where strictly necessary and never more than needed. This will prevent sliding and a tired, midday face.
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    If you are not committed to faithfully reapplying pencil, opt for a liquid liner. A liquid liner, if done well, can add a subtle--or not so subtle--drama to the eyes. For maximum staying power, choose a waterproof liquid liner. If you must keep your pencil, choose a waterproof, waxy type. It will last longer but will not have the same crisp intensity as a liquid liner.
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    Choose a thin but intense formula and do not be afraid to apply a quality lash primer beneath. Always wait for a coat to dry before applying another and do not load your lashes with unnecessary product. If you choose to use a waterproof formula daily, choose one that contains a moisturizer as these mascaras are generally extremely drying. Be sure to remove every last scrap of mascara and to apply a lash lotion before bed.
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    Eyeshadow must be of quality mill. A coarse, inferior shadow will soon fade and deteriorate. Always apply foundation or primer beneath shadow to keep the colour intense. It is best, when possible, to refresh eyeshadow as the eyelids are among the oiliest parts of the body.
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    Experiment with a cheek stain if you use blush but be sure to place the product accurately. You must work swiftly to blend the stain for once it is applied only washing will remove it.
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    Line your lips if you want the colour locked. Choose a creamy, quality pencil and fill in the entire mouth. Apply your chosen lip colour, blot gently and them reapply. If you don't have the time needed, choose a lip stain. Like a cheek stain, you can rely on it to carry you through the entire day.
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    Choose a thin formula, spray it in the air and then step through it, allowing the mist to settle on your face. Be sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. This trick is best avoided by those will sensitive skin or pores that are easily clogged. Always remember--close your eyes!
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  • Simplicity is beautiful. Part with unnecessary products and stick only with those that truly draw out your natural beauty. Makeup should not be a mask but an enhancer. The less makeup, the less product to worry about.
  • Bear in mind that some looks must be remade regularly. Creamy, 'wet' eyes vanish in the blink of the eye. Lip gloss will not last and a bold mouth will always require maintenance. Once again, the simplest, cleanest look will always be beautiful.
  • Matte makeup tends to last longer than other types. But beware, matte makeup always requires much blending and a light touch if it is to avoid looking mask-like.
  • Translucent powder, when dusted over a face of makeup, can impart enormous staying power. That said, application and quality are imperative. Only purchase the finest mill product and apply with an extremely light hand. Translucent powder should be truly translucent--invisible.
  • Although we all desire immovable makeup, refreshing your face will always look best. Choose a few staple products--reduce it to four essentials if you are able--and refresh them throughout the day. Take care to keep your skin naturally healthy and maybe, just maybe, you might kiss makeup goodbye forever!

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