How to Make Your Lips Big Naturally

Three Methods:Using a ToothbrushUsing Lip LinerUsing Essential Oils

While surgery and lip plumping chemicals may suit some people, for others finding less invasive and more natural (and perhaps affordable) solutions to making your lips seem bigger is the more viable way to go. There are various ways that can help your lips to appear bigger and each of them is readily available to every person.

Method 1
Using a Toothbrush

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    Find a clean toothbrush. If it was previously used for brushing your teeth, clean it well to remove any paste particles.
    • The toothbrush must be soft; hard bristles will cause your lips to hurt!
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    Run cold water on the toothbrush. Using it most helps it to work better.
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    Rub the toothbrush on your lips. Do this for one minute. The rubbing motion will get the blood flowing through your lips, pumping them up for a short time.
    • As an added bonus, the brushing also removes the dead skin cells from your lips and makes them smoother.
    • You can also add honey or Vaseline to the toothbrush to add more color and smoothness.[1]
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    Done. This combination of brushing and exfoliating is all you need to make your lips bigger. However, you will need to repeat it for the same effect; perhaps drop the toothbrush in your makeup bag.

Method 2
Using Lip Liner

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    Choose a lip liner that is the same color as your natural lip color. Nude lip liner is even better, as it cannot be seen but creates an ideal boundary to infill with lipstick, broadening the area of your lips.[2]
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    Draw the lip liner around your lips. Draw it in the same way that you add lipstick.
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    Finish drawing the line around your lips. This line will help to make your lips appear naturally big.

Method 3
Using Essential Oils

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    Choose an essential oil that is known to help plump lips. Three suitable essential oils for this purpose are: Cinnamon essential oil, peppermint essential oil and cayenne pepper essential oil.[1][2]As with any use of essential oil direct on skin, always to a skin patch test first and be aware of the contraindications associated with that oil; ask the herbal specialist at the store you purchase the oils from for advice.
    • Cinnamon oil stimulates increased blood flow in the lip capillaries.
    • Peppermint oil also stimulates the blood flow and plumps out the lips. It has a refreshing and cooling flavor.
    • Cayenne pepper oil stimulates the blood flow but must be used with great caution as anything more than minute amounts can burn your lips.
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    Use the oil. After selecting the oil, it is applied as follows:
    • For cinnamon and peppermint oils, add one to two drops to your regular lip balm, lip gloss or Vaseline. Add the drop to the amount of balm, gloss or Vaseline being added, not the whole container.
    • For cayenne pepper oil, add one drop to your usual lip balm or to Vaseline. Do not use too much.
    • Add the enhanced balm, gloss or Vaseline to your lips as usual.
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    Expect a small tingling to a slight burning sensation at first. This will wear off, then your lips will look plumper and rosier.


  • When you put on lipstick, get the lip liner and draw it around the lipstick.
  • Exercising your lips by whistling a lot or doing mouth yoga can firm the lips up.
  • Avoid using dark lipsticks, as these can give the impression of thinning the lips.[2] Peachy, pink glosses can help to make lips seem bigger.[2]


  • If you use a harsh bristled toothbrush, your lips might hurt.
  • Essential oils are not suitable for all persons. The addition of essential oils to the lips may cause a stinging or burning sensation for a short time. Oil on the skin can also increase your susceptibility to burning in sunlight.

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